Meyers 200 – Aircraft of the Month

The Meyers 200 was introduced in the mid 50’s with clean lines and good performance. this 4 seat-er is powered by a Continental IO-470 to 520 engine(s) and cruse at 180 knots. The aircraft where hand built with minimal use of tooling resulting in lower production numbers.

Even with the low production numbers there are still a few that show up at large airshows like Airventure or Sun-N-Fun.

Like previous aircraft articles on this site (Sea Bee & BD-5) the Meyers is also a Bond Plane staring with Sean Connery in you only live twice:

Here are a few photos I took at Airventure and Sun-N-Fun in the 2000’s

Like a PA-28 the only door is on the right side.

The Unique aft section of the cabin is quite the work of art considering its all made out of metal.

Every now and then you may even see one for sale (this one was from Airventure 03′)

Here are a few YouTube Videos:

The aircraft was even adapted into a turboprop version in the late 60’s called the Interceptor 400. a good write up on this aircraft can be found at:

Outerzone currently does not have any plans for a RC version of the Meyers 200 and any RC models I could find would be one-off’s. Of course with modern smart phones having 3D scanning capability and if someone wanted to get a good 3D cad model going of the aircraft it would be a prime candidate for a 3D printed electric version.