A way to have EAA Video Player on the Amazon Fire TV

If your a fan of the Eaa Video player content most of it can not be found on youtube. so for a Smart TV or Smart Box in the work shop this makes watching the content difficult.



Free App called Video & TV Cast for Amazon Fire TV, it will need to be installed on both your Fire TV along with a IOS device (iPhone, Pad)


Fire TV Link:



IOS Link:


This is not an Air Play app, you do need the apple device to get to http://eaavideo.org/ with in the App, there is a cast to notification after that you can turn off the Apple device and it still plays on the Fire TV.


once all installed open the app on the Fire TV


in the App on your IOS device Search for Eaa Video


Click the upper Right Icon to bring up the devise selection


Click on the devise

find the video you want to play and get it started on the IOS


The video will start to play


Once the prompt comes up Press the Cast now button to send to the Fire TV, you may need to press the upper right icon to get it to prompt


All done, at this point the phone can be turned off and the Fire TV will keep playing the video.