Most hard core fabricators have their own take on TIG torch holders, here is my setup.

the round sections are 2 different diameters of 4130N coupled with some low carbon rectangular & square tubing stock from Alro Metal’s Plus

The whole setup is designed to work with my #17 air cooled Lincoln Electric TIG torch w/ long nose gas lens kit.

an under view shot of the setup. the notch in the square tubing is design to hop over the lip on the HFT welding cart, the base square tubing is the same as the cross bars used on my stand off so it all works together.

Not to brag but………..

The setup works great with the gas lens kit I use with my setup.

Some Automotive Metallic Red spray paint to dress it up. so far there has been no effects with the heat of the hot TIG torch in use. Go Team Red!!!!



The Torch holder is designed to fit under my stand off I built for the SW 200, the weight of the machine keeps the holder gripped onto the cart. for more details on the stand off I wrote up a How-To on how I made it.


It works perfect while working and when the machine is in storage.