99′ Ford F-250 Fuel Pump Replacement

So around the beginning of 2016 the fuel pump in my truck decided to die, in my Quest to keep it alive I started looking into a fix


Good news on a Truck is the fuel pump is actually one of the easier things to fix since it sits under the bed and can be accessed on top of the tank. with a good amount of research I found that you can take out the bed bolts on the tank fill side, loosen on the opposite side and prop it up like a grand Piano lid. some electrical disconnects had to be done to pull it off including the drivers side break light.


Another shot showing the red neck setup. note no luxurious Garage here its out in the Jungles of South Florida. the 2×4 was cut to length and added as the main prop up stick with the jack acting as a backup.


PITA effort trying to confirm the part # before ordering a new one. Ford makes all kinds of truck even with in the F250 class however most have the same pump I found out for a given year / generation despite tank size.


Had a Half tank that had to be pumped out of the tank, the siphon hose did not want to go down the filler tube so I went thru the pump access screw on lid


A shot of the freshly pulled pump


the prop up stick is jammed against the tire so it keeps the truck box & topper secure while fiddling around with gasoline, fuel lines & pumps in a confined area.


Old pump top cap


Bottom of the old pump, the fuel turns the white plastic to a very funky mummified brown color. Filler screen on the left, sender arm on the right


gloves are a must


Tank was VERY surprisingly clean for 17 years and low octane fuel


New pump from Rock Auto, a spot on match for the old one and its an official Ford Pump


Getting the giant 8″ dia screw on jar cap threaded back on was the most difficult part of the fix. used some Vaseline, a wooden dowel and a rubber mallet to get it all the way down.


humpty dumpy is back together


40 PSI of fuel pressure at the rail hallelujah parse the Truck Gods


A close up of the Gauge