Smithy GN 1340 MX Lathe & Mill

One of the most useful large tools I have is my Smithy Granite 1340 MX, Here is a video showing some of the parts I made on it.

Combination machines like the smithy can save a bunch of valuable floor space along with saving some money vs. buying a separate Lathe & Mill.

The setup at my current shop, space is at an extreme premium so the compact nature of this machine helps a lot.

The machine was shipped via Roadway trucking to their terminal in Daytona Beach where we transferred via a fork lift into a drop gate truck, then from the drop gate into my rented Uhaul trailer. This truck terminal did not have a ramp to get things from trailer height ~4′ to ground level.

All nestled in the trailer, I think this is the first thing I bought that came in a Indiana Jones lost Ark style crate.

Cross strapping with come-a-longs secured it for its 20 min trip

heading out

After much anticipation here was whats inside the box

overall the machine was packaged & protected well.

Since this was a weekend trip up to Daytona to make this all happened I needed to get everything in the Garage & get the trailer returned. When moving a machine of this size its easiest to remove the mill head, this also makes it less top heavy as the built in lifting post are at the bottom

another view with the main machine resting on the legs of the engine crane.

here is the mill head resting on a blanket, speed handle’s where removed.

so clean shiny and new

A close up of one of the built in lifting post.

the mill head has a nylon bull gear that needs carful attention when moving.

Get to make sure everything was working I got it set up on 2 CBS blocks, all systems checked out

I ordered the table from the Sears catalog, it took a few weeks after the machine showed to arrive at the local sears store at the Daytona Mall.

While the machine did come with its own chip tray, I only used it as a drill guide to get the thru bolts into the table.

first time putting the machine on the table, this is a 1 ton HFT engine hoist and it grunted a lot when lifting it with the hydraulic jack, a 2 ton engine hoist would be more recommended.

Note bringing the engine crane in from the side is the most safe way to get it all together, considering overhanging mass, CG etc..

a zoom in of the lifting rope job, this rope seemed to have margin

all officially set up for the first time

for extra rigidity aluminum L channel clips where bolted between the MDF base & the sides of the table.

Mounting of the Electrical Box.

Tail stock, Lathe compound mount & vice that came with the machine

A close up view of the supplied vise, it turned out to be a very light weight vice for machining and broke after a few years of use.

The machine needs oil for the gear box and has oiling ports for the X / Y table

Lathe chuck teeth, MT 5 & 3 dead centers and MT 3 & R-8 Drill chucks

I built a tool holder out of MDF / painted to match, that holds my R-8 face mill, slitting saw, and lathe wrenches / drivers 

The compound table with a parting tool mounted

The sears table has great storage for all the accessories

Got a 3″ R-8 Boring tower that allows precision / custom sized holes in a milling setup.

Another Grizzly item, 90º angle mount

The inside gears on the left side of the machine, you can change some of these out to go from US to Metric threads.

Close up of the lathe chuck