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Most of the Plans built RC planes where from RCM Plans.


DCP_2028 RCM cloud dancer 120 in red and 60 in teal

Custom build Cloud Dancer 120 before covering.

Mods include:

  • hotwire cut polystyrene foam core wing with balsa sheeting
  • V tail
  • Composite turtle deck
  • Custom Cowl

Custom Kadet Sr with an 8′ Wing (camera platform). I used the plans that came with my 1st Kadet Sr “the blue one” to build this one. It’s powered by the dependable K&B .65 Sportster.

With all of the RC planes I’ve built and flown this is still one of my favorite ones.

DCP_4783Mini Kadet (I think AMA MA plans)


Keith with his RCM cloud dancer 40 I helped him build

giant genecis 2

150% scale Genesis glider

P1006707 RCM Arrow Sea Plane


RCM Gitano 60 size pattern plane

t88 and pool

RCM Tornado 88 60 size pattern


apex 1

RCM Apex, tricky flight characteristics

C delta 4

RCM Climax Delta,

very good flyer, one of my favorite Delta wing aircraft I’ve built

Some bare bones pics of the Climax delta before covering, Unlike whats called out in the plans I opted to bond the wing to the fuselage as it does not offer much added portability when hauling it in a car.

canards2 200% scale Astro Blaster and a AMA MA ascender

DCP_0598RCM Ultra Sport 60 with retracts

IMG_2556 Flite Test Nut Ball at Dyer Rc field in WPB

IMG_2555Mini Kadet at Dyer Rc field in WPB

FliteTest Versa Wing

Tricky to hand launch a pusher prop, I still have scars on my hand from an OS .40 prop strike in the early 90’s.

Once airborne it flew great.

Very easy to build.

Anyone looking to build one, may want to consider landing gear, a me163 comet style drop dolly or a catapult.