This Page covers my many Flying Adventures, PIC / Dual / Passenger in General Aviation & Experimental Aircraft.

Aircraft Ride Photos


Glory Days of piling on the Hobbs hours on N183CF

It was my Favorite Rental Plane out of all the various types and of the 2 dozen different “Cherokees” I’ve flown. This was the main “perk” working for Piper Aircraft Pre recession


Copy of DCP_0437

Typical Sunset pic from 183 over Vero Beach Fla



183’s 6 pack steam gauge panel with dual Garmin 430’s, I liked the setup & it never let me down.



KVRB Home Base for 183 & 184, Piper Aircraft and my old stomping grounds.



The Plane I Soloed in was N36711 PA-28-181 through Sky School Prescott AZ. The Flight Instructor Will Turnage and he got me most of the way through finishing up my single engine land rating.

One of my first flight lessons in a C-172 (mid 90’s)


One catalyst that got me interested in Aviation in the first place is I grew up 2 miles away from Centennial Airport in Colorado, it’s the 2nd busiest General Aviation Airport in the country right behind Van Nuys.




One of my Favorite vintage planes I’ve Flown is the Stinson Reliant N1942A, Based at the Tillamook Air Museum in Oregon OR till the mid 2000’s. It was owned and operated by a Very Nice Man named Larry who sadly passed away a few years ago. Once the plane was in climb out he said the plane is yours and I got to fly it at least 3 different times over the years, including the only time I was able to fly My Sister before her passing. It may not be the most fuel efferent bird but full tanks, full seats, full Americans, no brainer.


The newer condition Blimp Hanger & Museum around 02′ pic taken from N1942A, sadly its in dis-repair now days, eclipsed by the Evergreen Aviation Museum near by. still brings back good memories of the many trips to it with my Family.



Classic Oregon Coast, taken from N1942A



Best Image I could Find of the Avid Magnum Demo Aircraft, I got stick time this plane 4 different times including with it on Floats. Quite the performer, too bad the Avid company shut down.