EAA Chapters

I’ve been a member of 3 EAA chapters (all in where I lived)

Middle School thru early College: South Denver Colorado Chapter 301 http://www.eaa301.org/

@ Piper in Vero Beach Florida: http://www.eaa99.org/

Current South Florida http://eaa203.com/


Recent Surprise, the VP in our Chapter had to step down from his post, beyond my current work as a TC I have not been too involved with leadership positions to this point however the members of the club as if I wanted to take over the role of Chapter VP and unanimously voted me in. I hope I can contribute additional aircraft construction / testing experience thru this role.

I am a technical counselor for the EAA in Composites, Engines & Flight Controls. the goal is to have an across country network where builder can turn to local experts in a given field, to help keep there aircraft project going, it’s my way of giving back for an organization that has done so much for me.


In 2009 I put on an Aircraft Design presentation at my former chapter 99 in Vero Beach, The book resources list including ISBN #’s is here:



In May of 07 I had a hands on Composite processing demonstration with Velocity builder & guru Ken Mishler for Chapter 99.