Recommended RC / UAV / Drone

DYI Drone Products

ZMR 250 Kit

To see the ZMR 250 in action here is a video I took with it using the Mobius Action Cam for the HD record

FrSky Futaba Telemetry Module

This is the magic product that turned my Expensive but old Futaba 9CAPS on 72mhz into a modern / latest & best transmitting technology. I fly my ZMR with this setup where near 0 latency is an absolute requirement.

2300 kv motor



Lieber Hawk 280MM

Very Low cost near RTF race drone add your Rx & battery and your good to go


Looking for a plug and play / ready to fly solution?

The Arris X Speed 280 quad racer can be the answer, using standard XT60 plugs for a 4S battery & 5.8 Ghz FPV channels add your favorite lipo & FPV googles of choice and you are off to the races.


Master Airscrew Razor Plane

I’ve gotten quite a few questions about how to get spot on Leading edges on a balsa build, this Razor plane is the answer,  with some decent techniques you can get a factory looking LE with minimal effort.

My go to Soldering Iron station, with its 110V plug on the side you can plug in other brand / specialty soldering irons and still control power, give it a place to rest & clean off the tip.

The Weller WLC100 Soldering Station includes everything you need to start using solder to join metals and create efficient, electrical connections. Designed with the hobbyist and the do-it-yourself enthusiast in mind, this kit features a high-quality, lightweight pencil iron with variable power control, a cushioned foam grip with a replaceable heating element, and a safety guard iron holder. And it’s from Weller, the world leader in soldering since 1945.

Durable, Easy-to-Control Pencil Iron
At the heart of the WLC100 Soldering Station is a high-quality lightweight pencil iron with an ST3 iron-plated copper tip. To ensure that you can work comfortably for long stretches of time, the iron has a cushioned foam grip that sits comfortably in your hand as you work. It has a replaceable heating element, so you can continue using the same iron for a long time to come.

Easy-to-Adjust Variable Power Controls
Unlike many basic soldering kits, which can be difficult to adjust, the WLC100 features a variable power control that lets you adjust the power level from five to 40 watts with a simple turn of the knob on the base unit. This lets you choose the precise setting for each unique job that you tackle. The base also includes a “power-on” indicator light and on/off switch to help keep you from leaving a hot iron on accidentally.

The workstation also provides a built-in iron stand to keep your workspace organized and a natural sponge tip cleaning pad to keep your tip ready to go at all times.

High-Quality Accessories for Dependable Performance
The WLC100 includes an ST3 iron-plated 1/8-inch screwdriver tip. Weller also offers a wide array of compatible ST series tips to perform a variety of applications (additional tips are sold separately).

All Weller tips are constructed of solid copper and plated with iron, as well as nickel and chromium to protect against corrosion and solder creep, helping to ensure that your tools perform reliably over time. Additionally, Weller tips are pre-tinned with tin/lead solder.

This WLC100 Soldering Station is UL-listed, which means it has been tested and meets independent safety standards. It is backed by a one year warranty against manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship.

Coverite 21st Century Sealing Iron with Precise Electronic Temperature Control, Iron Stand, and AC Cord