ZMR 250 racing quad

Many companies produce kits with the ZMR 250 frame. One of the latest ones on Amazon can be found here ZMR 250 (Kit)


the CC3D Control Board can be got all by its self


I upgraded to 3 blade 5030 props from YKS




This Aluminum Case holds all my FPV gear including thr huge Head Play goggles, Transmitter & Lipo Batteries






Overview shot of the flight ready 250


In Flight Testing


Initial Diagnostics & Setup. got a FRSKY Futaba Module TX & 8CH RX w/ Telemetry options. Currently this is plugged into my Futaba 9CAPS and seems to work quite well, TX voltage is quite stable compared to the +/-.2 V’s seen on the Spektrum DSM2 setup. To date the DSM2 module unit has been quite reliable as well.


Simple Tilt Back Camera Mount on the 600 TVL Run Cam


Another view of the FPV camera


As Bought the base ZMR frame has no extra room in the main body for the ESC’s, the Motor arms are the only place to put them with out after market Frame mods, I had to direct solder the motors to the PCB’s of the ESC’s, this required more precise technique and heat control vs. standard bullet connector / Dean’s Solder Joints.


all 3 motor wires are trimmed to the same length, E-Max 12A ESC’s 3 power pads on the PCB are in the long wise direction, the drawn wire setup ensures proper motor rotation direction after some initial test wire motor test. with all 3 wires the same length, on a bad crash if the motor is salvageable it will allow connection to a new ESC with out worrying about running out of wire length for a 2 wire swap.