Video share of the month: Monument Valley by Trikes


A awe inspiring video by Henry TrikeLife

It goes to show there are so many places in the US to visit. Monument Valley has been the back drop to many movies and TV shows including the 80′ action tv show AirWolf.

Located approximately 60 miles west from the four corners monument (CO, AZ, NM & UT), The park has a general aviation airport (UT25). I hope to do a cross country flight some day with this as one of the stops.

Rhino 6 upgrade, $120 off up until May 15

Rhino 3D is my main go to CAD software for almost any need I have for projects outside of work. I’ve driven Unigraphics in my 9-5 for most of my Career, while Rhino is a different animal (no pun intended) I find Rhino’s user interface dramatically more effective and a way faster way to connect my brain to the 3D object I need. Also a seat of Rhino is around 1/15 – 1/20th the cost of UG.

McNeel has rolled out the latest version (6) that has many updates over version 5. Best place to purchase a seat & or upgrade for Rhino is Novedge.

Direct link for the update:

and more info on Rhino 6

Some of my previous work in Rhino 5:

I’m not an affiliate for the software, I just know it’s real good stuff and the upgrade sale is worth checking out if you already have a seat of Rhino.






Random thought of the day & a good article.

Found a good Article on the shortage of pilots, it’s a good read and the link is at the bottom of the post.

My thoughts, sad to see this happen but its no wonder when you see trends like:

The rampant fear mongering & demonizing hobby drones that IS by a LONG shot the easiest entry into aviation for the youth of today. Burt Rutan, Robert Goddard, Wernher von Braun and even the Wright Brothers got their start with un-manned flying machines. Aviation is a tough industry to be in and the passion for it is best generated before College.

The exponential cost increases in general aviation aircraft and training have not helped. Along with the closing of airports or people who move into houses next to airports then complain about the noise.

Pre 9/11 commercial air travel was actually a nice experience compared to what it is today. And this in turn drives much of the general public’s perception of aviation.

Fortunately one of the few organizations able to help with youth aviation is the Experimental Aircraft Association EAA’s young eagles program. But more is needed from more areas of aviation. If the majority of the industry is a discouragement to inspiring people to join the industry then it’s no surprise of where we have ended up.


A: Meigs Field

B: imposing & intimidating fence around airports

C: “one of those kids with one of those drones”

D: The lovely experience of going through a commercial airport

E: 4 decade old certified ready to go aircraft that cost more than new, loaded luxury car.

And Effect: