7544 fiberglass on sale till the end of the month at Thayercraft

I Got an email from Steve at Thayercraft that they have 7544 fiberglass on sale till the end of the month

7544 is a great option for molds, Boats and Cars

Between now and June 1st get 25% off 5 yard rolls of soft Volan finished 18 ounce per square yard, 38″ wide, boat and tooling type fiberglass cloth style 7544. This heavy cloth is nice and flexible and works with any resin – Epoxy, Polyester or Vinyl Ester. Buy a 5 yard roll for just $48.44 and pay with PayPal and get Free UPS ground Shipping to any of the 48 continental United States.

Lean more at https://www.thayercraft.com/18-oz-7544.html

Check out Thayercraft’s lineup of unique fiberglass cloth styles.

Miraco interconnect – company spotlight

I get e-mails all the time for different products generated likely from mailing list. However this company and service caught my eye. Miraco makes custom and COTS electrical signal and power assemblies and circuits for different needs and industries.



They are located in Manchester New Hampshire USA 🇺🇸

It’s great to see a domestic source that produces custom electrical components particularly on the east coast.

If your in the market for such components I would check them out.

Supershieldz – Glass protector for iPad’s – Product of the month

I recently bought an iPad mini 4 from Tiger Direct for only $269 on a sale they recently had. I was in the market for one for a whole bunch of uses. As is the drill when buying any nice touch screen device you need a case & a screen protector asap.

The iPad mini is a great size for general aviation to run foreflight, maps, aviation apps and even a backup display.

Usually when buying a new phone I let the phone store put on a screen protector as they have a good track record for getting it on the screen with out bubbles or smudges.

This time around with an online purchase & limited store access I thought I would check out what was on Amazon. Supershieldz brand stood out as the one to get, beyond it being offered in a 2 pack It has a bunch of other good features as well:

  • Made from the high quality tempered-glass for maximum scratch protection and no residue when removed
  • 2.5D Rounded Edge Glass for comfort on the fingers and hand
  • 9H Hardness, 99.99% HD Clarity, and Maintains the Original Touch Experience
  • Hydrophobic and Oleo-phobic coating to reduce sweat and reduce fingerprints
  • Include 2 PCS Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, Protected by Supershieldz No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

The screen protector and case arrived from Amazon before the iPad from Tiger Direct.

I followed the directions and was able to easily apply the screen protector and push the air out with the supplied cleaning cloth.

Functionality and responsiveness is great. The glass surface is high quality with a good smooth tactile feel.

I would highly recommend Supershieldz for anyone looking for a phone or tablet screen protector.




Sourcing USA – Web site share

I came across  www.sourcingusa.com For domestic search for suppliers with in America. One competitive edge that foreign suppliers have had for the past 2 decades is the ease of networking and making connections with buyers ever since the rise of the Internet. The other advantage is these suppliers are willing to work with smaller buyers & low Minimum order Quantity (MOQ). Many of these smaller companies that started small ended up bringing their suppliers with them on the ride up to becoming mega companies.

Hopefully this resource can aid in your next sourcing need where you can enjoy:

  • No Tariffs.
  • No Customs.
  • Reduced Shipping times & Cost.
  • Ease of factory visits.
  • Breaking archaic sourcing dogma.
  • Made in the USA branding.

gouldaero.com has a wealth of resources on the links page at:


Fly Baby – Aircraft of the Month

The Fly Baby is a very popular Home Built aircraft with a good amount of RC options as well.

It first flew in 1962 and was designed by Boeing historian Peter M Bowers.

The Fly Baby can also be converted into a Biplane called the Bi-Baby.

http://www.bowersflybaby.com/ is a great unofficial Fly Baby web site


Is a great resource, If you are an EAA member there are Sport Aviation articles ranging from 1962 – 2005 plus a pdf download of the 74 paged Building the wood airplane part of EAA’s “HOW-TO” series from way back.


Now for some RC options, Outerzone has a bunch, here are some that look quite workable today with electric power.

56″ Span from Modellismo in 2012



72″ span from RCM in 1980


And for some kits & Arf’s

Sig 68″ Span = https://sigmfg.com/products/seagull-models-bowers-flybaby

Balsa USA Giant 112″ span = https://shop.balsausa.com/product_p/447.htm

Balsa USA Giant 88″ span biplane version = https://shop.balsausa.com/product_p/452.htm




K-12 STEM Links

Some good news with our current world, A middle school teacher contacted me letting me know the value that she & her students are getting out of the web site while studying from home. She let me know about an interesting WWII Car, Airplane and Tank article on:


There are 3 main very high value community based organizations (CBO) I recommend for any K-12 STEM program. These 3 are also where I got my start in middle school in the early 90’s


EAA Experimental Aircraft Association  

Young Eagles:


Find a Local Chapters:



The 3 largest airshows in the US are (in normal times):

Airventure in Oshkosh Wisconsin put on by the EAA (July / August)


Sun-N-Fun in Lake Land Florida (March / April)


Copper State in Buckeye Arizona (usually early in the year)



AMA Academy of Model Aeronautics

very accessible and low cost, a good foundation to learn about aviation & turn it into a life long passion.



Flite Test is another CBO that has strong low cost / easy access RC aircraft & Multi Rotors.



Model Rockets:


Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc. the main organization that puts together model rocket launches, works with FAA & local government to make sure everything is good to go. They focus on high power rockets but they also have the smaller ones at the launches as well.  http://www.tripoli.org/

Estes Rockets a supplier of A-E impulse model rockets https://estesrockets.com/


Hope this helps with your schools programs, feel free to share with other educators.


Spencer Gould

Aerospace Engineer.




24 year old builds his own garage house on land – Video share of the month


This months video share is brought to you by Joey’s Kordare YouTube Channel.

At 22 he bought rural land in Pennsylvania and just 2 years later at 24 he built a car enthusiast man cave setup. I found this to be a very inspirational video for anyone who is into Car’s, Airplanes, out door toys in general and wants a place to work on them & use them.

You can also check out his:



To learn even more about man caves & construction audio books, Audible is a great option. For my daily commute I listen to 1 – 2 audio books per month. Audible has coverage for all kinds of topics.