TIG Welder Standoff / Cleat

With the compact nature of my shop most things need to be on Wheels if they can be. While I went full Gonzo on the Welder I knew the Cart did not need to be a fancy brand, Harbor Freight has a real good heavy duty Welding cart with room for a Very large Gas Cylinder on it. HFT # is 61705

The cart is very well constructed and has space for all your welding accessories for 40 – 60 Lbs inverter based machines. One challenge with the welding cart vs. the TIG machine was the +, – & foot petals plug in real low on the TIG 200, the cart has a handle that kicks up so you can get into the top drawer easy. I could have made another handle for it but thought a Stand Off would give some real good welding practice, get it off the top of the cart a bit for ventilation and be able to put in some more aggressive Cleats to make it more stable on top


After cutting the tubing on the portaband, the ends where cleaned up on the Mill in a Flank Pass. I did not yet have my Evolution Cold Cut saw (the easy way), so this was the older more time consuming way I used to get square cuts on tubing.

Clamps, Clamps & More Clamps

The 1/2″ Aluminum Weld Plate keeps everything flat, along with a series of tack welds placed in a tire torque down pattern.

A close up of some of my welding, I’m using 1/16″ Blue Demon ER-70S2 filler rod

Here you can see the Ghetto wood block setup under my SW200, just to get by

A all welded up but before paint

Some of the stock tubing in the background

Test fit

feet / nubs on the machine make contact with the cross bars on the stand off

Cleats keep this $1,500 machine secure to the cart.

I used my standard Rust-Oleum Hammered Black spray paint for the stand off, It’s highly durable and keeps things color coordinated in the shop


The end product, almost looks like it was supposed to be there all along

Now that this is all done, the next project is a proper TIG torch holder, for more on that check out this How To page