EM-11 Orka – Aircraft of the Month

This aircraft of the month is the EM-11 Orka from Margański & Mysłowski Aviation Works located in Poland.

The prototype first flew in the early 2000’s and has flown with both Rotax 912′s & Lycoming IO-320 engines in a Pusher configuration along with Fixed and retractable landing gear. The front has almost a helicopter like viability. Speed and range #’s are also impressive.

Similar to another Aircraft on the site the J-1B Don Quixote, Polish Aeronautical Engineers know how to make very elegant designs.

I have not seen one that I recall at Airventure or Sun-N-Fun but it would be quite interesting to check out. I remember doodling aircraft with very similar lines in college.

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The EM-11 has quite a few videos on YouTube, here are a few:

With being a rather rare European aircraft there does not appear to be any RC models of it but I did find a 3 view from Blueprints.com that could the the basis for a 3D model in a Cad system like Rhino 3D and would be a good candidate for 3D printing due to all the thin sections and compound curves