Vero Aviation Day 2015

A Soggy day, the event did quite well considering the uncooperative weather.


Getting to see a B17 up close made the drive worth while,


Here is the lower ball turret on the B17, My father & I knew a Ball Turret gunner from WWII, who worked at the Franktown CO John Deere dealer, quite the small guy with some interesting stories about his military carrier. no way could I fit in there :^(

You can see where they got inspiration for a Tie-Fighter in Star Wars from.



I Think this is the first time I have been inside a B17 Bomb Bay, very surprising how small the Bomb Capacity is on the B17, Ive seen B1B’s & B52′ where you can park a bus.



Previous Aviation Day events have had Much more aircraft & even home built aircraft projects in process, from what I could tell everything south & west was IFR when I was there in the morning along with some heavy rain.



Good Friend, UPS Pilot & Fellow Fly Corvair Builder Bill Zorc teaching the next generation of Aviators on one of the 3 PC based Flight Sims, FSX on 2 of them & Real Flight on the 3rd.

Being an X Plane 10 guy it was interesting to see FSX’s sat / aircam photo based ground imagery.



Piper had a PA-46-350TP there along with some official Piper clothing inside.


A good polish job on an RV9. The End.

From Feb 19th 2015:

Aviation Day at KVRB is approaching soon, its a fun smaller event with a little bit of everything.