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Since new products come out often and old products get dis-continued this page aims to keep up with some of the best products for Composites Fabricator. Some of these products will direct send you to the link on Amazon where you can buy like you would anything else from Amazon. Others will send you to specialty sites that focus in Composite material supply, they are trust worthy and I have a long track record with these companies.


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Dry Goods – Cloth


3733 Fiberglass =

7725 2×2 twil Fiberglass =

7715 Uni Fiberglass =

7781 8hs Fiberglass =

Carbon Fiber

282 PW Carbon =

284 2×2 twil Carbon =×2-twill-carbon-fiber-50/

4oz/yd2 Uni Carbon =


Graphlite Carbon Fiber Rod =


285 4hs Kevlar =

5120 PW Kevlar =


Mil HDBK 17

Book 1 =

Book2 =

Book3 =

Book4 =

Book5 =

AGATE (Advanced General Avation Transport Experiments) =


SP500 Home Built Aircraft project construction main page =


C5 Corvette door hinge hard point repair =



3M 07193 NOSH Respirator

Dremel 4000 rotary tool kit

Dremel is the go to rotary tool for any serious composites fabricator weather your in your home shop or working at the skunk-works! The 4000 model has excellent variable speed control & this kit has a bunch of goodies to get you going.


Dremel 911 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone

The go to sanding bit for prepping surfaces and corner fillets before lamination


Rotozip SS355-10 5.5 Amp High Speed Spiral Saw

The “Amped” up bigger brother of a Dremel, when more power & Torque is needed.

What’s in the box?

– RotoSaw Spiral Saw, (1) Drywall Guidepoint ZipBits, (1) Multipurpose ZipBits,1/8 inch, 5/32 inches, 1/4 inch collets


– Compatible Accessories: ZipBits, XBits, XCores

– Compatible Attachments: Dust Management Kit, Circle Cutter Guide



 Fiskars 45mm Rotary Cutter

Makes clean, easy, precise & wrinkle free work for cutting Fiberglass & Carbon Fiber Cloth. A hard board or MDF makes a good surface to use it against.



Fiskars 8″ Forged Scissors

My go to scissors for cutting wet layup plastic transfers, the chrome plating allows for easy e-poxy removal via razor blade.


Low Cost Squeegee blank material

PVC Vertical Blind Replacement Slat Smooth (White) 10 Pk 82 1/2 x 3 1/2


Tongue Depressor “3/4″ wide stir sticks” 500 pack

Use to mix large batches of epoxy and fillers, ends can be used to generate a 3/8″ radius when spreading fillers like Micro & Flox


Popsicle sticks, “3/8″ stir sticks” 1000 pack

use on small batches of epoxy & filler in conjunction with 1oz medicine cups. Ends can be used to generate a 3/16″ radius when spreading fillers


medicine cups 1000 pack, 1oz

Great for mixing small batches of epoxy and filler, typical batch can cover over 1 sq ft of typical 8oz/yd aircraft cloth.


Members Mark 9oz clear plastic cups 240 count

The go to cup of choice for larger batches of epoxy & filler,

an optimum size for use with epoxy pumps.


Skil 3386-01 2.5 Amp 9″ Band Saw

The SKIL 3386-02 120-volt 9-inch band saw features a 2.5-Amp motor, a ribbed aluminum table with tilting adjustment ranging from 0 to 45, and a blade guide adjustment for custom depth settings. This versatile band saw is intelligently designed with an attached flexible lamp for increased visibility and a mitre gauge. The table top is a full 11-13/16-inch square and the cutting depth is 3-1/8-inch with a throat depth of 9-inches. It comes with a flexible work light, blade, parallel guide, miter gauge, and hex key.


Delta 28-400 14 in. 1 HP Steel Frame Band Saw

  • Heavy duty steel frame design reduces flexing and features a superior finish and aluminum trunnion table support for long-lasting durability
  • 1 HP, 115V/230V, 1 phase TEFC motor with 2 speeds: 1,620 FPM and 3,340 FPM for wood and non-ferrous metal cutting
  • Two-speed pulley with easy tensioning system
  • Durable aluminum, rubber-coated upper and lower 9 spoke wheels are precision balanced for superior blade tracking
  • Oversized 15 3/4 in. x 18 7/8 in. precision ground cast iron table with t-slot miter capability tilts 3° left to 45° right with a positive stop at 90°


Additional Books

Michael Niu: Airframe Structural Design

This book represents several decades of data collection, research, conversations with different airframe specialists, plus the author’s more than twenty years’ experience in airframe structural design. From structural standpoint, the book is intended to be used as a tool to help achieve structural integrity according to government regulations, specifications, criteria, etc., for designing commercial or military transports, military fighters, as well as general aviation aircraft. It can be considered as a troubleshooting guide for airline structural maintenance and repair engineers or as a supplementary handbook in teaching aircraft structural design in college. This book is divided into a total of sixteen chapter and emphasizes itemized write-ups, tables, graphs and illustrations to lead directly to points of interest. The data can be used for designing and sizing airframe structures and, wherever needed, example calculations are presented for clarification.


Burt Rutan: Modless Composite Sandwich Aircraft Construction
One of the 1st books I purchased on Aircraft Composites way back in the early 90’s. Moldless Composite Sandwich Aircraft Construction is the manual still used by Burt Rutan and Scaled Composites to train new employees. It was originally written as a construction guide for Rutan Aircraft Factory’s Vari-Eze, Long-Eze, and Solitaire builders. This oversized manual is high on technique and low on theory. It presents in a practical manner, the basics of working with composites (glass, resins, foam cores, and fillers) and then offers a series of simple in-shop exercises to develop and practice your skills. We highly recommend it. For anyone considering working with composites, this is the first thing you should have. Includes an updated materials list for the series of exercises presented.