Republic RC-3 Seabee – Aircraft of the Month

The Seabee was introduced just after WW2 with over 1000 examples built. Not the most common sea plane built. Most may know it from 1974’s 007 Man with the Golden Gun. James Bond fly’s a Seabee in south east Asia to Scaramanga’s hide out on a Island. N87545 S/N 105.

More on this particular aircraft can be found at:

While working on Engine component designs for FlyCorvair, one of the guys name Gus had a Seabee restoration project going, it was very interesting to see the construction of this aircraft in its disassembled state.

Quite a few YouTube videos of this aircraft can be found, here are a few captivating ones;

For RC options, Outerzone has 4 plans listed but the 1977 from RCM is likely the best: