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This site has no affiliation to:

Gould Aero LLC of Bigfoot TX USA


Gould Aero Inc of Nova Scotia Canada

All Technical Data presented herein is Public Access and under Export Classification EAR 99 or lower for the United States of America.

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Any consultant work needs to meet the following Requirements:

  • US & NATO countries only
  • No Gas Turbine (Aircraft or Ground) technologies (Design / Analysis) PERIOD!
  • Client has a basic knowledge of the subject matter along with knowing some government rules & regulations may apply.
  • Flexible work hours : focus on the goal, not watching the clock.
  • Well funded / well planned: I am Efficient & Effective but not Cheap!

Direct Hire Requirements:

  • South Florida locations only (Palm Beach, Melbourne, Jupiter, Vero, Stuart & Port St Lucie/ Fort Pierce)
  • Open to multiple industries (Aerospace, Energy, Marine, Automotive, Civil, Consumer Products)
  • Sr. Technical, Fellow, “C” level / executive level
  • Left side of the Corporate life cycle (on the growth side not the decline side)
  • Well funded / well planned: I am Efficient & Effective but not Cheap!

No Relocation or Contact Work.

I Do-Not currently offer RC aircraft design / build for hire services for individuals / hobby level. I Would recommend checking out related forums or Facebook groups to seek design / builders. I am open to RC design services for companies like Hobbico or DJI etc…

The site is intended to be a good technical reference for Aerospace applications, it is the Readers responsibility to determine if a given technical finding, aspect, etc is applicable for their application.