Professional Career Summary:

Aerospace Engineer & General Aviation Pilot with extensive hands-on experience, taken on multiple & consecutive projects ranging from Glass cockpit Avionic suites for Part 23 General Aviation Aircraft, New Prototype Single Engine Jets, Composite Structures on Aircraft that have won at Reno, New replacement engines for Premier US Military Helicopters to Rapid Prototype Composite Nacelle’s & Test components used at NASA GRC. Bridges the gap between traditional Engineering Groups, Manufacturing & Pilots. Dedicated Mission Success Work Ethic while always looking out for opportunities to Work Smart & Lean. Embry-Riddle BSAE Alumni, EAA Member & Technical Counselor. Nationality: US Citizen / US Born, have lived in CO, VT, AZ & currently in FL.


Skills & Qualifications Summary:

  • Aviation, Aerospace (Airframe / Power plant) & Manufacturing since 2002
  • Extensive free form and parametric 3D CAD modeling experience, New Technology & Business Development
  • Supervisory / Management capacity for high end products, Business / Industrial Planning, Validation
  • Extensive Background in Mechanical Design, Interfaces, Hardware, Full Product Cycle, CNC Processing
  • Strong knowledge of CNC Lathes & Machining Centers, TIG Welding, Manufacturing, Assembly, Rapid Prototyping
  • Extensive Knowledge Airframe construction methods, system & power plants, from Part 23 / E-AB to Military
  • Extensive Documentation Experience for aircraft/working with the FAA, US Military & ISO 9001



Employment / Professional Experience (Full time: Direct & Outsourced)


Northrop Grumman | Aeronautics Systems Direct, 2020 to Present

Melbourne, FL. Sr Principal Hardware Design Engineer

  • Logistics and Modernization / Fleet Sustainment for the E-2 Hawkeye, Manufacturing Liaison & design mentor.


Parametric Solutions Inc. (PSI)

PSI Manufacturing Operations (M.O.) Night & Mid Shift 2018 to 2020

  • Aerospace CNC programmer for DMG Mori Monoblock 5 axis machines, Siemens 840D Control, NX / CAM
  • Beta tester for programs / machining test.
  • IBR’s, Blades, Stator Packs, Engine Cases, Rig Hardware (Titanium, Inco, Stainless, Aluminum)

Outsourced to Pratt & Whitney (UTC) as prime client 2017 to 2018

  • Test Rig Design Engineer (Jupiter FL)

Outsourced to Doosan Heavy Industries (DHI) as prime client 2016 to 2017

  • Industrial Gas Turbine Engineer DGT6-300H IGT (Palm Beach Gardens FL)


Belcan (AETD) Outsourced to Pratt & Whitney (UTC) as prime client 2008 to 2016

Palm Beach Gardens, FL (off-site / outsourced) Mechanical Design, Composites Lead, Manufacturing, Liaison, New Business Development

  • Engine Dynamics & Loads (ED&L) Test Engineer, Vibration Monitoring & Reporting for Commercial & Industrial Gas Turbines Covering 30K, BA, Irkut & FT4000 IGT. Live Engine Coverage at P&W’s Jupiter Test Facilities (A area, C10, 11, 12 & 14).
  • Irkut MC-21 Nacelle Development & Certification utilizing Structural Grade SLS Glass Filled Nylon 3D printed Aerodynamic Mods
  • NASA FAA CLEEN P&W 24″ Rig 2 at NASA GRC: Composite Technology Lead for the Program, testing up to 6 configurations at NASA’s premiere High & Low speed wind tunnels testing the newest Nacelle Aerodynamics from P&W for Commercial Engines. Utilizing Rapid Prototype Composite Fabrication Methods / Manufacturing Coordinator for Composites Universal Group (CUG) Oregon
  • P&W PSU Turbine Cooling Technology Demonstrator, TOBI, platform cooling, flow distribution.
  • LPC / HPC Kinematic design & optimization, 2.5 bleed, invented a new Kinematic Drive setup: Fuel-Draulic Rotary Actuator Powered Crank Shaft Kinematics Patent Pending (ID-0023710-10). 2.5 Bleed system Mods
  • P&W “BA” PW 1500 used on Bombardier C Series: Composite Nacelle panels utilizing Autoclave Cured Carbon / Honeycomb. Active Clearance Control “ACC” on the turbine section, Kinematic Instrumentation, working with Fire Suppression Groups,
  • P&W F-135 used on the Lockheed / Martin F35 JSF, redesign efforts of mechanisms for the VTOL systems for the JSF-B variant, Cost and Process Optimization “War On Cost” efforts on Composite inlet frame, advanced Composite Automation methods AFP / ATL.
  • P&W HPW 3000 intended to replace the GE T-700 on Boeing AH-64 Apache & Sikorsky UH-60 Military Helicopters. Block 1 LPC Case & Kinematics IPT Lead, Overseeing the design, analysis & drafting of 15 people. Manufacturing Liaison for CNC & build shops.
  • Recruiting & Candidate Review for Belcan, New Hire Training, Manufacturing Knowledge Resource.
  • New business development, acting technical advisor for Airframe & Composites.

Belcan (AETD) Outsourced to Nordam (NTR) as a secondary client Q3 2015-Q1 2016

Composite Nacelles Structures MRB Engineer for the Gulfstream G5 / G6

  • Structural substantiation reports for manufacturing defects (DRDI’s) supporting MRB activity
  • Group coordinator for new client On-boarding, Manpower resources / loading, Facilities & Computer Resources


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Piper Aircraft 2005 to 2008

Vero Beach, FL Aeronautical Engineer, Airframe, Systems & Power-Plant, Production Liaison, Materials & Process, FTE *


  • PA-47 Piper Jet, Researched new / value added manufacturing methods, Composites Material & Process Advisor
  • PA-46-500TP Merdian & 350 Mirage Garmin G1000 (glass cockpits) Avonics suite, mechanical component installation, Flight Test Engineering on Capasitive Fuel Systems, New throttle quadrents with G1000 control keypad design.
  • PA-46-350 FADEC, New Cowling / Nacelle deign using Out of Autoclave, vacuum bag cured composites, lofted multiple nose bowl configurations from Round inlet to stylized / flow optimized configurations, FADEC modules, worked with Malibu Power & Propeller joint venture for the new development.
  • De-Icing systems (Puffer, Heat & Glycol), Fuel systems (Jet A & 100 LL), Pitot-Static, Air Data, Flight Controls, Trim Systems
  • Retractable Landing Gear / Hydraulics, GULP Alarms, Autopilot / Servos, Engine Controls
  • Lycoming 0-360, 540 & TCM 550J, P&W PT-6, FADEC
  • Composite Airframe Structures, Materials & Process Advisor, Flight Line Operations
  • Airframe, Lofting, Tooling, Cowling, Interiors, Environmental Systems, NX Advanced Surfacing Training
  • LED’s, fiber optic lighting, Light blocks, MIL-HDBK-5
  • Production, Service Support, Project Documentation, Legacy Data, Effectivity,
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)/ Design for Production (DFP), 6 Sigma
  • Experimental Flight and Lab Testing, Instrumentation, Production support
  • AGATE & NCAMP Composite Allowables Programs, MIL-HDBK-17, master tools, molds & part layup.
  • FAA, FAR, Production, Compliance, Documentation & Conformity (CAR 3, FAR 23), 6 Sigma, Lean Design, GD&T, MRB, QA/QC, Tiger Team, Detailed hand analysis


Fieldstone Construction Inc. / Mirage Development LLC 1995 – 2005 Full time, 2012 – Present consultant

Port Orange, FL / Denver CO           Architect, Engineer, Carpenter, Computer Admin & IT


Commercial & High End Residential, Colorado & Florida Building Code, Supervisor, Manager, Architect, Engineering, Trusses, Floor Systems, CBS, ICF, Tilt Panel, Carpentry, Systems Planning, Land selection, Permits, Inspection, Multimedia, Cad Plans & Layout


(Consulting Work) * = performed on the side of primary employment with NO conflict of interest

Helical Robotics 2010 –

Oregon, WI / Tampa Fl      Sr Engineer, Industrial Planner*

Start up company: Specialty Service Robots for Unique situations

  • New Cad System study, with the companies start up capital low but 3D cad need’s high I researched recent and traditional CAD systems and after a down selection process found Alibre to be the best solution for there needs
  • Capital equipment selection: Machining & CNC equipment, Helical turned to me to learn the various kinds of universal Machine tools & interfaces, features to look for, how to buy, where to buy.
  • Keep in house vs. Outsource advisement.
  • Facilities: Company looking to move HQ to Florida, on site visits in Palm Beach, Martin & St Lucie industrial parks.

FlyCorvair 2005 to 2008,

Edgewater / Orange Park, Fl              Sr. Propulsion Engineer *

  • Detail Design of the new standard Gold Prop Hub & Aft Oil Manifold
  • Prototype detail design work of 5th bearing (for Crankshaft bending loads caused by Propeller)
  • Engine Mounts, Propeller Crush Plates, Starters Systems, Cowls

InVerted.US 2006

Edgewater, Fl       Aerodynamics & Composites Engineer *

  • Race # 68 Silver Class Biplane, winner in its class at the 2006 Reno National Air Races
  • Large Tapered Composite wing tips, optimized the modified Pitts for the Take off & turn increasing the eulerian wing efficiency %10
  • Rapid prototype exhaust fairings using Argon Welding tank as a mold.
  • Various fairings & stream lining efforts.



Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 1999 – 2003

Daytona Beach, FL / Prescott AZ Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering (Aeronautical Focus)


Items of Merritt while at ERAU

  • Advanced Composite Materials testing 2003
  • SAE Heavy lifter 2001 – 2002         Chief Pilot
  • International Aerobatic Club 1999 – 2001     Pilot
  • KFLY (Prescott) 1999        D.J.


Internship: Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation 2002

Savannah GA work outsourced to ERAU, Daytona Beach location      Airframe Intern

  • G550 Window Structure Optimization utilizing Catia & NASTRAN



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Technical Skills (covers the duplication of skills across my history, useful for Key Word Searches):


Composites: Primary Structures, Prepreg, Wet Layup, Vacuum Bagging, Auto Clave, Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), Salt Forms, Filament Winding, Automated Fiber Placement (AFP), Automated Tape Layer (ATL), Protrusions, Processing, Tooling, Molds, Partial Molding, Hot Wire, AGATE / NCAMP, Carbon, Glass Arimid, “Graphlite”, G10, Epoxy, BMI, CA,  Lay-up Schedule, Ply Orientation, flat patterns, kits, transfer tape, Sandwich Panel, Cores, Honeycomb, Urethane, Joggles, Design Laminate Hand Calculations, Clean Rooms, Inspection (X-ray, Nock, Acoustic, Visual) Drawings, Travelers, build sheets, Material Specs, Cold material Shipment / Receiving / Storage, clean rooms, Allowables, Testing, Weight / Cost Optimization, Hexcel, Toray, Mitsubishi Newport, Cytec, PTM&W, MGS, Park Electrochemical, Hysol,


Mechanical Controls: Control System Logic & Analysis, Elevator, Aileron, Rudder, Swash Plate, Collective Pitch, Tail Rotor, Gimbals, Phase Lag, Counter Balance, Hinges, Flutter, Push Rod, Cable Control, Pulley, Turnbuckle, Rod End, Spherical Bearings, Mechanical and Electronic Trim Systems, Servos, Position Sensors (LVDT, RVDT, Micro Switch) Bell Cranks, Scissors, Sectors, Idlers, Mechanical Mixing, Actuators, control surface rigging, ergonomics, control surface balancing, control system motion clearance, auto pilots, throttle quadrants, Kinematics, welded & machined components, rack & pinion, Thermal Clearance, Synchronization Mechanisms


Gas Turbine: Doosan DGT6-300H IGT, Pratt & Whitney (PT-6, F-135, HPW3000, Geared Turbo Fan (GTF), FT4000 Industrial Gas Turbine (IGT)), GE (T-700) Cross sections, Modules (Fan, Compressor, Turbine, Externals) Kinematics, Variable Vanes, Sync Rings, Vane Arms, Core / Bypass Valves, Isogrid / Split / Ring Engine Cases, Integrally Bladed Rotor IBR, Dove Tail / Tree root blade connections, Labyrinth / Brush / Knife / Honeycomb Seals, Oil Coolers, Ducting, Hallow Fan Blades, Advanced Composite Primary Structures, Material & Process, Industrial Planning, Project, Program, Validation, Procurement, Airframe interface, Titanium & Super Alloy Processing, Heat Shields, Fire Suppression, High precision castings, bleed air, turbine cooling, TOBI, Heat Transfer, Bearings, Bushings, Goodman & Campbell Diagrams, Modal, Fan Blade Out (FBO), Bird Strike, “LO”, ACC, pylon,  Tolerances, Thermal Expansion, Clearances, Fuel-Draulic Rotary Vane & Piston Actuators, NASA Glenn Wind Tunnel, Nacelles, Bifurcation, Engine Dynamics & Loads (ED&L) / Engine Test Stands, Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM)


Internal Combustion Engines: Lycoming (O-235, O-320 O-360, IO-540), Centennial ( O-200, TSIOF-550J FADEC), Chevrolet (Corvair O-164 & 190 Flight Engines, LS-1), Ford (Trighton V10) Engine mounts, sensor mounting, oil manifolds, prop hubs, oil filters, oil bypass, A/C compressors, Serpentine belts, tensioner, generators, alternators, magnetos, Dyno Testing, Engine Assembly / Disassembly, Crank Shaft Bearings, seals, gaskets, isolator mounts, Cowls, Air inlets & exits, exhaust, O2, Starters, Relay, Ignition, Coils, Sparkplugs


Aircraft Design: Preliminary & Detail, Lofting, Primary Structure  Layout, Ergonomics, Spar Sizing & Analysis, Composite, Metal (Sheet / Rivet & Machined), Tube & Fabric, Cabin Pressurization, Stylized Cowling, fairings & wing tips, Fixed & Retractable Landing Gear, Trailing link, windows, defroster / defogger, doors, seals, brackets, avionics, Glycol & Puffer Boot de-icing systems, Pitot Static, Seats, Seatbelts, Controls, Throttle Quads, Fuel Systems,  Materials & Process, Aircraft Certification, Rapid Prototyping, Crash Survivability, Aeronautical Conventions, Best Practices, Distributing Loads, KT, Load Test, Proof Test, AGATE programs, NIAR, Airfoils, High Lift Devices, Stabilizers


Airframe / Powerplant Knowledge: The current Piper Production Fleet, LMC F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), Boeing AH-64 Apache, Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk, Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ), Bombardier, Airbus A320neo, Eclipse 500 VLJ, Gulfstream G5 / G6, Cirrus, Extra, Edge, Kit Aircraft (Lancair, RV, Avid, Harmon Rocket, GP-4, Pitts, Long-ez, Cozy, Velocity, Fisher, Zodiac, Sonex, Tailwind,)


Avionics / Instruments, electronic components: Garmin G1000 & Avidyne interface mechanical design, Auto Pilots, Servos, Voltage Regulators, Preferred mounting practices, lights, LED’s, Light Blocks, Landing Lights, Onboard Video Cameras, Mounting, Uplink / Down Link, antennas, Vacuum Systems, Heads up Displays, Keypads, Air Data, AOA, Pitot / Static, Radar, OAT, Stall Warning, Tablet Navigation.


Computer & Electronics: Unigraphics NX, CATIA V5, AutoCAD, Rhino V5, PTC CREO, GeoMagic, Windows OS, Apple iOS, WordPress, MS Office, building computers, Form Factors, Teamcenter, PLM, DDM, FEA, ANSYS, NASTRAN, Parametric Models & Spread Sheets, Digital Video & Still Cameras, Brushless Motors, ESC, Control Boards, System Cooling, New ATX computer builds 32 & 64 Bit, SEO, Kindle, Nook, Amazon, Clickbank, e-commerce, Bluehost, HTML, CNC / G code.


Flight / Pilot: Single Engine Land (2001), High Density Altitude, Mountain Terrain 200+ hrs total time: PA-28-181, J3, PA-46-500TP, PA-32-300RT, C-172, Avid Magnum, Stinson Reliant, Velocity, RV 7 & 8, Mooney, Zenith, WACO, Avidyne & Garmin Glass Cockpits, Flight Line Operations, Flight Test Engineer (FTE)


Machining: 5 axis Machining centers, Lathes, 3 axis mills, DMG MORI, DMU 65-125, Smithy, Bridgeport, NX CAM CNC Programing, Lead Piece, Sequence, Tool Holders, Pallet Changer, Chem Mill, EDM, Prototype & Production Processing, Spin Forming, G code Validation,


Manufacturing: 6 sigma, Lean Manufacturing, industrial planning, design for manufacturing (DFM) design for assembly (DFA), assembly line, plant layout, Shadow Boards, depot, Shipping / Receiving, QA, 6S, tooling, jigs, frames, mistake proofing, MRB, Engineering Liaison, Travelers, Build Sheets, Methods, Op-Sheets, Equipment selection & purchase, Electrical & Data Transfer Requirements, LRIP


Casting / Plastic Injection Molding: Draft angles, Sand Casting, Investment Casting, A 356, Delrin, Zytel, Binders, Lost Wax, Gates, runners, vents, split lines, Casting / Machining, DMLS / SLS 3D printing, Additive Manufacturing,


Regulations / Guide Lines / Quality Systems / Engineering Text: ISO 9001, CAR 3, FAR 23, 25, 33, ITAR, ACE, MIL-HDBK 17, MIL-HDBK-5, Machinist Handbook, Bhrun, Niu, Raymer, Roark, Roncz, Bingelis, NIAR, ICD, CICR, GD&T, NAS 523, DOD, FAA AC


Commercial / Residential Construction: Commercial & High End Residential, Colorado & Florida Building Code, Supervisor, Manager, Architect, Engineering, Trusses, Floor Systems, CBS, Tilt Panel, Systems Planning, Land selection, Permits, Inspection, Multimedia


Executive & Business Skills: Politics, Customer Relations, Manager / Supervisor, Corporate Travel, Multi Vendor Origination, Cost Reduction, Statement of Work (SOW), Schedule, Budget, Teleconference, Tiger Teams, IPT, Recruiting, Technical Resume Review, Importing / Sourcing, e-commerce, Fulfillment, Shipping, Inventory, Forecasting, Sales Copy / Copy writing


Aviation Prominence: I have designed and am currently constructing a single passenger, all composite homebuilt aircraft from scratch. I was the Aerodynamics & Composites Engineer performing design / fabrication modifications for a silver class biplane air racing team (#68) that Won 1st place at the 2006 Reno National Air Races. I helped a colleague at Piper build his Velocity (canard / all composite) kit plane. I attend Aviation / Aerospace Trade shows regularly & Keep up with some of the latest Aerospace, Automotive & Manufacturing Technologies.                                                       Fuel-Draulic Rotary Actuator Powered Crank Shaft Kinematics Patent Pending (ID-0023710-10)


Volunteer: EAA Technical Counselor: Composites, Power-Plant Installations / VP of EAA Chapter 203.

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