Chevy Sonic 1.4L Turbo PCV fix (error codes P0106 & P1101)

We do have a good amount of automotive content on the website, some of the technologies, methods etc translate between Auto & Aero usage. If you can be comfortable & confident wrenching on a Car then it goes a long way to wrenching on an Airplane.

Last night I got a check engine light, rough running engine & idle along with a wicked vacuum cleaner sound from the top of the engine. pulling out the OBD2 scanner I got codes P0106 & P1101. Since I got a good amount of engine vent system experience on one of my older cars it did not take long to figure out what was going on.

A great how to video from another YouTube user (MrSubaru1387) showed the step by step removal / install process on a Chevy Cruze that has the same 1.4L Turbo as the Sonic.

My car is a 2014 with 54K on the clock. I could have been the helpless consumer waiting a half day to get a flat bed tow into the dealer and spending a small mountain of money on the fix. My Mechanical prowess took over, took on the job and got it done.

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