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 ISBN-13: 978-1973890133

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This book has a broad range from Beginners to Seasoned Composite Designers & Fabricators.

Composite Construction can be an Idea Fabrication method for:

♦   Aircraft
♦   Cars
♦   Motor Cycles
♦   Boats

Work with a construction medium that will do want you want it to with out an up-hill battle to gain every inch.

Easily Achieve Complex Structures with minimal Tooling & Facilities.

In this book you will learn about:

♦   Shop Safety
♦   Tools
♦   Raw materials: (Fiberglass, Carbon, Cores, Films, Fillers, Inserts)
♦   Jigs / Fixtures & Molds
♦   Wet Layup & Prepreg
♦   Kitting & Flat Patterns
♦   Bonding & Joining
♦   Finishing

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I’ve been working with Aircraft Composite materials & construction since the early 90’s

It’s a technology, art & science where my Learning & Capability has been on an exponential path since the start. I’ve given demonstrations & talks at local EAA chapters, worked on various Composite Home built aircraft all the way up to putting the skills to use with Pratt & Whitney and NASA where I served as a composites technical focal on a high demand 2 year Nacelle technology project.

I Actually started a book on composites years ago but it was not until the release of my TIG welding book where I got a re-kindled interest in finishing the book. Like the TIG book this Composites book is offered in Kindle (digital) and Paperback versions and written in a to-the-point format.

This book is written from the perspective of someone who has the combo of: Industry Experience, Embry-Riddle BSAE, Home built Aircraft, Hands On Fabrication and true eyes open DIY Ingenuity. I Hope this can be a valuable resource for anyone working with Composite materials / structures for Aircraft, Auto & Marine applications