RFB Fantrainer – Aircraft of the Month

The RFB Fantrainer was Developed and manufactured by German aircraft company Rhein-Flugzeugbau GmbH (RFB) in the late 70’s early 80’s. 50 of them where built and used by Luftwaffe and the Thai Airforce.

The aircraft is actually turbine powered with a Allison 250 C30 turboshaft, 480 kW (650 shp) motor driving a ducted fan.

The aircraft’s purpose was to give the much needed training to new military pilots so they could transition into high performance aircraft like the F4 Phantom and F-104 Star fighter.

I first learned about the aircraft buying a RC model of one from a hobby shop in the mid 90’s made by hobby dynamics.

The Fan Trainer is a popular RC model as well.

Outerzone has 2 plans for the Fan trainer including the one from Hobby Dynamics that I had.

Both would be well suited to modern electric power.