Symmetry – Aircraft of the Month

The Symmetry is a one off Aircraft designed by Cory Bird who works for Scaled Composites. I got to see it in person at Airventure 06′. It’s very impressive to see the fit and finish of the aircraft. Reading up on the aircraft history Cory built the aircraft for personal use and not turn it into a kit or plans. Kind of like movies that are a one off with out sequels / prequels / remakes makes for a unique in memorable experience. Pictures above and below are ones I took at the show.

Airshow ID card with some of the details

It’s actually a 2 seat aircraft, his wife has gone on many flights with him.

A very Clean T tail with counter balances reminiscent of a P-51 mustang.

The Tail wheel is retractable to but the main gear is fixed.

Inlet and exhaust details

Considering its debut from the Early 2000’s I was not able to find any flight videos of it on YouTube.

There are quite a few article’s about the aircraft however:

There are no RC aircraft I can find but it would be a prime candidate for a 3D printed electric powered aircraft.

The Eclipson Model D2 is similar to the Symmetry