A-10 Warthog – Aircraft of the Month

With the recent War in Ukraine I was thinking about how the A-10 is still a very relevant and highly effective weapon system. While I’ve worked on several military aircraft the engineering behind the A-10 has always impressed me more than anything I got a chance to work on. It was born from bloody lessons learned in the Vietnam. The design was driven by the needs of the solders on the ground, the aircrews and maintainers. A lot can be learned from this mindset when it comes to military hardware design.

The first flight was in 1972 and it entered service in 1977, the production run was only 8 years with over 700 built.


There is quite a few videos on YouTube about the aircraft here are a few:

Of course the A-10 has quite the attitude, here some classic memes:

The A-10 is also a popular R/C model with many brands, sizes and power available:

E-Flite has 2 options, a 30mm EDF and a 64mm EDF

30mm EDF,
64mm EDF
Amazon has a ton of A-10 Merch as well:

For starters how about a 30mm dummy round as a conversation starter, ender or just general pilot cave decoration

Lets not forget some proper air show attire:

Revell has a very detailed 1:48 Scale A-10 with over 160 parts: