Ultimate Biplane – Aircraft of the Month

This Aircraft of the Month is the Ultimate Biplane, while its not too common to see one of its 4 variants at the local airport, it likely has the highest count of different RC options of any aircraft Ive seen short of WWII War Birds. Type in “Ultimate Biplane” into google or YouTube and most of what you will is RC aircraft.

3 of the variants are on power and the related increased structure required (100, 200 & 300hp) along with a 2 seat option of the 300 hp version.

The aircraft first flew in 1985 and is offered as a kit. To my surprise its not listed on EAA’s homebuilt aircraft listing online. https://www.eaa.org/eaa/aircraft-building/kits-and-plans

Controlling interest and plans are available through the http://www.ultimatebiplane.com/index.html web site.

I think its one of the sharpest looking biplanes out there (beyond my favorite the SNS7 Hyperbipe) and its totally baffling on why this aircraft is not more popular with the IAC crowd that’s dominated with Pitts, Extras & Decathlons.

There are not too many videos of the actual aircraft but here are a few I was able to find.

As mentioned above the RC options are plentiful, one of the few scale kits I had was a Carl Goldberg Ultimate Biplane

Here was my UB in the back, While I still have the air frame I think this may be the only photo I have of it together.

Like many Carl Goldberg models Outerzone has the plans for the same model I built:


And for some RC videos: