Seabird Seeker – Aircraft of the Month

The Seeker was developed in the late 80’s as a light Observation aircraft, its built in Australia and powered by an O-360 engine.

The Main US domestic commercial use is for the New Mexico State Police, however the Seeker has a far reaching international market share including middle east and African countries. The Helicopter like forward fuselage offers excellent viability at a much lower operating cost compared to a comparable helicopter.

Its part 23 certified for the US and can be equipped with cameras and sensors for law enforcement, power line inspection, search and rescue.

Features and usage is similar to the EA-7 Edgley Optica (previous aircraft of the month)

Company web site can be found at:

An interesting article on the aircraft:

There is a good amount of YouTube videos on the Seeker:

I could not find any RC models or plans however with modern cad systems, internet images and 3D printers it would not be too difficult to make one.