EA-7 Edgley Optica – Aircraft of the Month


This aircraft of the month is the Edgley Optica a Observation aircraft designed to be a low cost alternative to Helicopters. It was developed and manufactured in England in the 70’s. 22 Aircraft where built

The 8 Hour endurance at Loiter speed is impressive. The center mounted Ducted fan is something usually only seen on models.

A dedicated web site for the aircraft can be found at: http://www.optica.co.uk/index2.html

Sketchfab has a online 3D model where you can see many of the details of the aircraft at: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/edgley-optica-b9a0cc7a21344aee94d147362edbcda5

And for some YouTube Videos:

MS Flight Sim X has a freeware sim aircraft you can download at:


Outerzone does not currently have any options for the Optica but there is a UK web site where you can buy plans for a 2M wing span version with .60 glow power:

Edgley Optica – Plan

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