Volmer Sportsman VJ-22 – Aircraft of the Month

This Aircraft of the month is the Volmer Sportsman, This is a design I just recently learned about from long time friend and fellow EAA member William Wynne from www.flycorvair.com Reading the spec’s a Corvair power-plant would actually work on this bird. It can be setup as a Pusher or Tractor configuration, while the pusher configuration gets the prop further away from the cockpit and water spray.

My own Corvair engine build can be found at: https://gouldaero.com/0-164-corvair-aircraft-engine-build/

Corvair Colleges can be found at: https://gouldaero.com/aviation-events-destinations/corvair-colleges/

This aircraft first flew in the late 1950’s and actually has quite a bit of history to it.

This aircraft is very similar to a Home build sea plane I am familiar with the Anderson Kingfisher: https://gouldaero.com/2020/03/15/anderson-kingfisher/

Some useful links:




Plans are still available along with the controlling interest in the design:


YouTube has a good amount of videos on the Sportsman

Outerzone has a 50″ span version from Model Aviation: https://outerzone.co.uk/plan_details.asp?ID=13629

RC Plans has a few build photos and extra info for this plan: http://rc-plans.com/catalog/item339.html

And AMA’s Model Aviation Article on it: https://www.modelaviation.com/volmer-pt2-kohlmann