Double Ender Bush Plane – Aircraft of the month


The Double Ender bush plane looks like something I would have doodled up in a sketch book as a teenager.

Alec Wild brought this vision of a ground breaking aircraft into reality.

Video is from the Zane Jacobson at the Back Country Pilot YouTube Channel

If your into bush planes I would check out his channel.

Photo from the Bush Plane Design web site.

Protolabs – Company Spotlight

If your needing some rapid prototype part for your project one company to check out is Proto Labs.

I saw adds for their company a few years ago for getting a design cube for free. it comes flat and when assembled its around 2″ on each side. It has molded in all the good / bad features to include with their processing. So if you want to use the company and these methods it can help guide your design before its finalized.


Flight One Drone components

Just learned about another source for Multi rotor control and power distribution from one of Skitzo FPV’s recent videos, called flight one.

He is quite the talented pilot and his flight video’s are pure art. Good to know about some of the gear that makes this possible.

Here is one of my favorite FPV videos from Skitzo to see what some of this gear looks like in action.

Don’t forget to check out his YouTube Channel