Osprey GP-4 – Aircraft of the Month

The GP-4 is one of those aircraft you see at an airshow that really makes you pay attention. Being around Experimental Aircraft since the early 90’s the common impression from the “general public” is something that is crude, slapped together and unsafe. The GP-4 is a dramatic example of refinement for something that is plans built, with a Aerodynamic shape, style and finish that puts production aircraft at 4X the cost to shame.

EAA w/ Sport Aviation info: https://www.eaa.org/eaa/aircraft-building/kits-and-plans/d—g/gp-4

Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osprey_GP-4

Company: https://www.ospreyaircraft.com/

Here are some photos I took at Airventure 03 & 06

From what I have found there are no available Plans, Kits or Downloads for the GP-4, however with modern tech like 3d scanning iPhones, Powerful Cad Software and 3D printers it would not be too difficult to create a RC version of this impressive Aircraft.