Pelican – hand held paint pail (Product of the month)


This is the perfect pail for high quantity epoxy / roller work.

Works great for the wet layup of a wing or fuselage, roll on primers for your boat, car or plane and even some fancy paint work in your man cave.


  • QT Pelican Hand Pail
  • Built-In 5-1/2″ Wide Roll Off Area
  • Soft Feel Elastomer Adds Comfort
  • Powerful, Integrated Magnet Holds A Brush
  • Built in 5 1/2 inch wide roll off area with ledge at top to catch excess paint and return it to pail, 1 quart working capacity
  • Powerful magnet inside back to hold a brush, and integrated design will not rust or trap paint for easier cleaning
  • Security strap automatically expands to allow room for larger hands, soft feel elastomer adds comfort, side indents provide better grip and control
  • Durable one piece polypropylene construction resists solvents and paint buildup
  • 8 1/2 inch L x 7 inch W x 6 1/2 inch D



Don’t forget the form fitting liners, when your roll on chemical of choice gets too messy just throw out the liner and get a new one.