Stanley – tool tote (Product of the month)

one of the more commonly used things in the shop. Every time I need to do some kind of job out of the garage like change the oil on a car, swap blades on the lawn mower, survey work, EAA stuff what ever this tote is very useful. I load up just the tools I need for the job with out lugging out a giant prepare for all contingencies tool box

The Stanley STST41001 Portable Storage Tote Tray is a portable, multi purpose tool storage unit that makes it easy to carry your tools from one site to another. It has a rugged, deep design that is wide enough to transport drills, grinders & other larger tools. It features an updated design with reinforced structure through grids, and tool racks that keep tools organized and accessible. Tote dimensions: 19.34″ X 13″ X 7.6″.