LoPresti Spectra – Aircraft of the Month

I’ve known about the Spectra since I got started in RC aircraft in the early 90’s, I would all ways look through the RCM plans catalog, searching for the next scratch build and this aircraft was a real stand out.

LeRoy LoPresti a former Grumman engineer started the the Island Aircraft Corporation based in Florida. He developed and flew the aircraft in the late 60’s

This aircraft pioneered the engine mounted in a T tail nacelle concept a full 13 years before the Seawind

Photos & Videos of the actual aircraft are rare, Roy LoPresti posted this unique video on his YouTube Channel.

Of course the RCM Plan that I noticed all those years ago can now be downloaded for free on Outerzone

This one is from 1971, 2 years after the 1st flight of the Prototype, has 73″ wing span and was designed by Don Haines & Paul Rhe.