Airplane Ownership Book – Mike Busch – Product of the month

Curious about aircraft ownership?

Tired of the rental fleet shenanigans?

Are you an active pilot looking to build serious hours & cross country flights?

Check out Aircraft Ownership by Mike Busch an A&P / IA. Gain knowledge from the unique perspective from in maintenance, inspections and over 8,000 flight hours.


Volume 1 covers selecting, purchasing, insuring, and maintaining an aircraft. Busch emphasizes that it is the aircraft owner—not his mechanics—who bears the regulatory responsibility for airworthiness. He discusses how to choose the right mechanic or shop and how to manage the maintenance they perform. Busch dissects the much-dreaded annual inspection, and how owners can keep it from spiraling out of control. He offers guidance about the all-important post-maintenance test flight, and how to deal with an owner’s worst nightmare: a mechanical breakdown far from home.

Additional Volume coming later this year.