TIG Tungsten electrodes available in half length and high count

Attention TIG welders working in tight spots:

JSP ARC is proud to announce their line of half length 2% Lanthanated (WL20) Tungsten electrodes.

Perfect for roll cages, motor cycle frames, & aircraft fuselages or anything else that uses a short torch setup. And with the 2% Lanthanated “blue band” it works great on inverter TIG machines, equally at home with AC & DC setups to give you coverage for Aluminum, Steel & Stainless.

They are available in 3 sizes & can be purchased & fulfilled by Amazon:

3/32” dia (12 count)



1/16” dia (14 count)


.040” dia (18 count)


No more cutting stock electrodes in half then looking for a place to store them. With JSP ARC’s half length electrodes your good to go passing the efficiency savings on to you.