Rhino 6 upgrade, $120 off up until May 15

Rhino 3D is my main go to CAD software for almost any need I have for projects outside of work. I’ve driven Unigraphics in my 9-5 for most of my Career, while Rhino is a different animal (no pun intended) I find Rhino’s user interface dramatically more effective and a way faster way to connect my brain to the 3D object I need. Also a seat of Rhino is around 1/15 – 1/20th the cost of UG.

McNeel has rolled out the latest version (6) that has many updates over version 5. Best place to purchase a seat & or upgrade for Rhino is Novedge.

Direct link for the update:


and more info on Rhino 6


Some of my previous work in Rhino 5:

I’m not an affiliate for the software, I just know it’s real good stuff and the upgrade sale is worth checking out if you already have a seat of Rhino.