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Fun things you can do with composites:

Build ridiculously strong stuff


Take on what ever contour you want with hand pressure (no “ca-gillion” dollar metal mangling equipment)


Vacuum bag in your garage to near 1 bar


Easily achieve class A surfaces


Make complex brackets


Make composite rotor blades for your RC auto Gyro


Fix your Corvette

And much much more

This book has a broad range from Beginners to Seasoned Composite Designers & Fabricators.

Composite Construction can be an Idea Fabrication method for:

•Motor Cycles

Work with a construction medium that will do want you want it to with out an up-hill battle to gain every inch.

Easily Achieve Complex Structures with minimal Tooling & Facilities.

In this book you will learn about:

•Shop Safety
•Raw materials: (Fiberglass, Carbon, Cores, Films, Fillers, Inserts)
•Jigs / Fixtures & Molds
•Wet Layup & Prepreg
•Kitting & Flat Patterns
•Bonding & Joining

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