Spartan Executive – Aircraft of the Month

The Spartan Executive is one of my Favorite Vintage aircraft, there where only under 40 of them built between 1936 to 1940.

There is usually one or two of them that show up to Airventure or Sun-N-Fun each year.

Back when I was at ERAU I designed a Spartan Executive inspired modern aircraft on Catia powered by a M-14P Radial Engine:

Hallmark has a nice Christmas Tree Ornament that can also be a good desk model of the Spartan Executive:

Wings of Texaco has a larger model of the aircraft:

Current RC options are limited, outerzone has 1 plan and its actually from 1938 about half way through the production run of the actual aircraft.

LCKA in Australia has a 93″ Plan at:

& the Laser cut kit:

With global shipping challenges this may be a difficult product to get into the states however for readers down under it’s a good option.

Of course with modern CAD systems, a ton of images of the aircraft it would be an easy job for a modern 3D printer to make a very detailed RC version. The Anycubic Chiron is an excellent large format 3D printer for PLA, LW-PLA, ABS and other filaments. I did a write up of this printer almost a year ago: