Blast from the past Schlüter Superior R/C Heli

Back in the mid 90’s I got my very first R/C Helicopter at the Jefco Auction. It happened to be a German made Schluter Superior made in the early 80’s. While at the auction I got to meet one of the guys who was involved in the development / sales & he mailed me breakaway views of the full assembly. I always had it framed and hanging on a wall. While I did get it to fly, its one of those rare R/C aircraft I like better as a static display. I’ve since gotten into scratch made Multi Rotors “Drones” for vertical Flight.

I came across a web site that has all kinds of info on this heli including the in German 1984 Catalog. Found it interesting for anyone who is into some early generation R/C Heli’s

Here is a pic of my Schluter on the dusty but well loved work shop shelves of the old Colorado Workshop.