‘This Can Make You A Better Pilot’ – Video Share

I’ve been a long time believer in RC aircraft being the most practical & cost effective entry point into Aviation. One of the best aviation YouTube channels I watch regularly is Trent Palmer, a proffecional cinema drone pilot who fly’s a Kit Fox Bush plane in Nevada as one of his hobbies along with collaborations with other Aviation YouTube Channels. In this video He goes over how his start into aviation was RC planes while at the Flite Test HQ in Ohio and how flying RC can make you a better full scale pilot.

Jetson One Manned Multi Rotor – Video Share

The Jetson One Manned Multi Rotor (X8 configuration) looks like one of the more likely multi rotors to go mainstream in the new market of manned aviation. Electric flight propulsion favors smaller & lighter platforms. Each new jump in battery technology will only make it better.

Learn more about the company at:

Company web site: https://www.jetsonaero.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jetsonaero

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/jetsonaero/

The Ultimate Drone Hack – Video Share of the Month

This months video share is from Trent Palmer’s YouTube Channel.

Conventional gimbal systems for selfie sticks don’t do too well with the 50 mph + range of a bush plane, Trent used his DJI Inspire with the props off strapped to the lift struts of his KitFox to utilize the Inspires camera & gimbal system that can handle the air speed on a bush plane platform.

I would highly recommend Trent’s channel, it has some of the highest quality & most compelling Aviation content on YouTube.

While its not a huge market this looks like an excellent entrepreneurial endeavor to create a gimbal system rated for general aviation aircraft at GoPro level prices serving the market between the weaker systems and the ultra high cost cinematography systems.


24 year old builds his own garage house on land – Video share of the month


This months video share is brought to you by Joey’s Kordare YouTube Channel.

At 22 he bought rural land in Pennsylvania and just 2 years later at 24 he built a car enthusiast man cave setup. I found this to be a very inspirational video for anyone who is into Car’s, Airplanes, out door toys in general and wants a place to work on them & use them.

You can also check out his:



To learn even more about man caves & construction audio books, Audible is a great option. For my daily commute I listen to 1 – 2 audio books per month. Audible has coverage for all kinds of topics.



First Manned Aerobatic RACING Drone – Video Share of the Month

Quite the different video this month, Flite Test had coverage of the first manned acrobatic intent multi rotor created by the Drone Champions League


Check out the Flite Test YouTube Channel And Flite Test web page


Check out the Drone Champions League “DCL” YouTube Channel And Drone Champions League web page

DCL offers a video game / simulator that can be played on:





RC Glider England distance record with James May – Video Share of the month

This one’s the longest video I’ve shared so far, I found it fascinating.

James May from Top Gear has quite a bit of YouTube Content, This video came up on my suggested feed.

Check out his channel called Reel Truth Science Documentaries

The shielding & cradle mechanism / structure to support the fragile balsa glider under a helicopter was truly impressive.

The autopilot board looks like an APM 2.8


2019 Aviation YouTube Compilations

Here are some of the interesting 2019 aviation related Compilations I found.

Links to the YouTube Channels hyperlinked below each video

Red5 FPV YouTube Channel


Dafydd Phillips YouTube Channel


Mr Steele’s YouTube Channel


spencerhughes2255 YouTube Channel


Lervik FPV YouTube Channel


Cargospotter YouTube Channel


Daniel Driscoll YouTube Channel


Picture Time YouTube Channel


A big thanks to all the YouTube content creator’s that put together these videos.



Formula 1 of the SKY – Video share of the month

This months video share is brought to you by Stefan Langer’s YouTube channel For more sail plane content make sure to check it out.

Very impressive video of sail planes flying over the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina with Aeroklub Livno hosing the event. It’s amazing to see how long these machines can stay in the air with no motor.

In high school I got the opportunity to take some glider lessons in a Schweizer SGS 2-33 in Boulder Colorado. I would recommend getting a few training flights in gliders if your working on your private pilots license & up. It’s a valuable experience to see what an aircraft is like with no engine adding massive competence to powered aircraft engine out procedures. If your in the Boulder area the current company doing glider training is called Mile High Gliding.

Carbon tips and tricks video from Mike Patey – Video share of the month


This video is brought to you by Mike Patey’s YouTube Channel.

Most famous for his Draco bush plane (a highly modified PZL-104 Wilga)

It’s always cool to see other composite fabricators methods for making parts. Big takeaway I got from this video is a method for making a joggle

  • “paper toweling” the cowl split line
  • putting release tape on the throw away part
  • build up the joggle area
  • cure & dremel cut the remaining ligaments of the  finished part allowing it to be cut free.

Mike is certainly an excellent role model  when it comes to business & aviation and his content is something I enjoy normalizing to.