RC Glider England distance record with James May – Video Share of the month

This one’s the longest video I’ve shared so far, I found it fascinating.

James May from Top Gear has quite a bit of YouTube Content, This video came up on my suggested feed.

Check out his channel called Reel Truth Science Documentaries

The shielding & cradle mechanism / structure to support the fragile balsa glider under a helicopter was truly impressive.

The autopilot board looks like an APM 2.8


2019 Aviation YouTube Compilations

Here are some of the interesting 2019 aviation related Compilations I found.

Links to the YouTube Channels hyperlinked below each video

Red5 FPV YouTube Channel


Dafydd Phillips YouTube Channel


Mr Steele’s YouTube Channel


spencerhughes2255 YouTube Channel


Lervik FPV YouTube Channel


Cargospotter YouTube Channel


Daniel Driscoll YouTube Channel


Picture Time YouTube Channel


A big thanks to all the YouTube content creator’s that put together these videos.



Formula 1 of the SKY – Video share of the month

This months video share is brought to you by Stefan Langer’s YouTube channel For more sail plane content make sure to check it out.

Very impressive video of sail planes flying over the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina with Aeroklub Livno hosing the event. It’s amazing to see how long these machines can stay in the air with no motor.

In high school I got the opportunity to take some glider lessons in a Schweizer SGS 2-33 in Boulder Colorado. I would recommend getting a few training flights in gliders if your working on your private pilots license & up. It’s a valuable experience to see what an aircraft is like with no engine adding massive competence to powered aircraft engine out procedures. If your in the Boulder area the current company doing glider training is called Mile High Gliding.

Carbon tips and tricks video from Mike Patey – Video share of the month


This video is brought to you by Mike Patey’s YouTube Channel.

Most famous for his Draco bush plane (a highly modified PZL-104 Wilga)

It’s always cool to see other composite fabricators methods for making parts. Big takeaway I got from this video is a method for making a joggle

  • “paper toweling” the cowl split line
  • putting release tape on the throw away part
  • build up the joggle area
  • cure & dremel cut the remaining ligaments of the  finished part allowing it to be cut free.

Mike is certainly an excellent role model  when it comes to business & aviation and his content is something I enjoy normalizing to.

Using drones to plant 20,000,000 trees – video share of the month


This months video share is brought to you by Mark Rober’s YouTube channel.

It’s an excellent example of how drones can be used for good and how to help with Reforestation efforts.

This video is a partnership with #Teamtrees (a not for profit fund raiser) with the goal of planting 20 Million trees by 1/1/2020 only 2 months away. Beyond drones Team Trees is using multiple methods to achieve the goal.

Learn more on their site: https://teamtrees.org/

This is not just YouTubers on this technology Bloomberg has covered it as well.

Drone seed is the major contributor to this technology, learn more at:







Miami FPV Freestyle – Video share of the month

This video share comes to you by the Johnny FPV YouTube Channel.

Quite the cinematic FPV experience for the south beach & down town Miami area.


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Airliner methods can help save lives in GA – Video share of the month

A very informative video from Steve Thorne @ Flight Chops YouTube channel on key differences between Airliner (commercial) flight practices vs. General Aviation.

A key take away is Airline pilots focus on the MINIMUM maneuvering speed that also gives them coverage for 30º banked turns. According to the instructor / FAA this is typically 40% above the stall speed.

General Aviation Pilots usually associated maneuvering speed as a MAXIMUM to avoid structural issues in gusty conditions.

Lots of other good in sights in the video as well.

Check out the Flight Chops YouTube channel for more great Aviation content:


& on his web site @ http://flightchops.com/