Grip Lock Ties – Product of the month

This Months product of the month is called Grip Lock Ties.

I learned about it by watching Mike Patey’s Scrappy update video (see below) This is one of his companies products and is a perfect solution for both Home Built aircraft and UAV’s / RC / Drones.

Typical zip ties while cheaper can slide and or cut wiring and soft tubing. The unique feature with these is the rubber lined grip that keeps the tie in place and cushions what it is gripping. They are also removable unlike traditional zip ties that have a one way only function.

See more about these on Mikes latest video.


Perfect for:

  • Electrical wiring
  • In powerplant cable management
  • 3 phase wiring & power distribution on Drones / UAV’s
  • Pitot Static Systems / Break lines



Christen Eagle – Aircraft of the month

One of my favorite Acrobatic Biplanes is the Christen Eagle, I first got to see the eagle in action with the eagles acrobatic flight team consisting of Tom Poberezny, Charlie Hillard & Gene Soucy in the early 90’s at Oshkosh.

The Eagle was designed to compete with the Legendary Pitts Special in the late 70’s


For those interested in a Kit or Plans:

Aviat, Inc.
Box 1240
672 S. Washington
Afton, WY 83111

Telephone: 307-886-3151
Fax: 307-886-9674


EAA Resources:—c/christen-eagle


RC aircraft on Outerzone:

50″ Span, 1980 Publication date, .40 – .60 glow power


62″ Span,

RC Glider England distance record with James May – Video Share of the month

This one’s the longest video I’ve shared so far, I found it fascinating.

James May from Top Gear has quite a bit of YouTube Content, This video came up on my suggested feed.

Check out his channel called Reel Truth Science Documentaries

The shielding & cradle mechanism / structure to support the fragile balsa glider under a helicopter was truly impressive.

The autopilot board looks like an APM 2.8


High Top Creeper Workstation – Product of the month

The High Top Creeper Workstation by XtremepowerUS is an ideal solution for repair facilities or individuals who work on large trucks and aircraft.

Body weight is supported by the frame that goes to the ground, Castoring wheels allow for easy moving.


  • Great equipment for getting to the engine from the top of the vehicle. Allows extended periods of time spent bending over the engine without the effect of painful fatigue.
  • Allows the technician to reach 40% more area around the front of most vehicles and equipment
  • The thick padded deck to deliver support while working on your car, truck, boat, or airplane
  • (4) casters slide easily around the shop. Two of them lock once the unit is properly positioned giving the user plenty of leverage
  • Collapsible Frame: Yes; Max Weight Capacity: 400lbs; Overall Dimension: 33-1/4″(W) x 54-1/4″(L) x 48″ to 66-1/2″(H)



Corby Starlet CJ-1 – Aircraft of the Month

Like the PL-12 Airtruk, the Starlet was designed and built in Australia

The Corby Starlet was one of the big inspirations for the SP-500, The bare basics simplicity of this aircraft was quite attractive. Unfortunately you have to be quite short and light to fit in one.

While there are quite a few flying in Australia, there are not too many in the USA.

3 view of the Starlet

If your interested in a set of plans for this plane the contact info from ACS is:

1335 Robinhood Lane S.
Lakeland, FL 33813
Phone: (863) 644-8426

additional resources from Aircraft Spruce “ACS”

For the RC pilots there are some options:

Kit from “RC-Builder”

Corby Starlet

Outerzone UK plan:

This is the only one available on Outerzone as a micro scale but it could easily be scaled up.



2019 Aviation YouTube Compilations

Here are some of the interesting 2019 aviation related Compilations I found.

Links to the YouTube Channels hyperlinked below each video

Red5 FPV YouTube Channel


Dafydd Phillips YouTube Channel


Mr Steele’s YouTube Channel


spencerhughes2255 YouTube Channel


Lervik FPV YouTube Channel


Cargospotter YouTube Channel


Daniel Driscoll YouTube Channel


Picture Time YouTube Channel


A big thanks to all the YouTube content creator’s that put together these videos.



Wilga PZL-104 – Aircraft of the month

This aircraft of the month is the Wilga

Like the J-1B Don Quixote, the Wilga was made in Poland with some very creative engineering.

While not as common of a Bush Plane as a “Cub” its a very capable machine, packed with unique design features.

Designed in the early 60’s it was originally powered by Ivchenko AI-14 Radial Engine Produced in the Ukrain

The Wilga 2000 was a late 90’s / early 2000’s IO-540 Lycoming powered version.

The first time I saw one in person was at Oshkosh 06′

No modern story of the Wilga would be complete with out coverage of the Draco Wilga a P&W PT6A Turbo prop powered monster bush plane created by Mike Patey.

If your into Homebuilt aircraft construction and flying I would highly recommend you check out Mike’s YouTube Channel.

For the RC / scratch builder group Outerzone has 2 options for plans

55″ electric powered version from 2005

There is also a 36″ free flight version from 1973 that could easily be converted to Electric / RC




Custom multi rotor build web site.

If you have ever been to a multi rotor race (some times called a heat) there is a vast array of custom built racing drones all with there own selection of components. The top competitors and YouTube freestyle stars like Skitzo and Mr Steel are almost fully custom builds and not turn key “consumer grade” machines

Usually pilots are in full competition mode and deciphering what makes up a given machine can be a challenge.

I found the Rotor Builds web site on the rotor riot Facebook page.

On this web site multiple custom multi rotor builds are listed all with component list and links where you can buy the components.

While my old trusty and still flying ZMR 250 is still flying it’s 2014 technology. Like “dog years” this is down right medieval level.

I found the rotor builds web site to be quite informative