SNS 7 Hyperbipe – Aircraft of the Month

Sorrell Negative Stagger, Model 7 (SNS 7) was first introduced in 1973 and combined serious Biplane Acrobatic performance combined with a unique side by side cabin seating unlike other Acrobatic Biplanes like the Pitts, Star Duster, Ultimate Bipe & the Christen Eagle.
Controlling interest in the Hyperbipe is now with Tunderbird Aviation LLC


Every now an then they come up for sale on barn stormers and other online aircraft brokers.
Sun N Fun / Lakeland has one on display:
For RC scratch builders, Outerzone has some free PDF plans
1978, 42″ Span, by Frank Massa / Master Kit
Also from 1978, 57″ Span, by Phil Moore / Radio Modeller



Airplane Ownership Book – Mike Busch – Product of the month

Curious about aircraft ownership?

Tired of the rental fleet shenanigans?

Are you an active pilot looking to build serious hours & cross country flights?

Check out Aircraft Ownership by Mike Busch an A&P / IA. Gain knowledge from the unique perspective from in maintenance, inspections and over 8,000 flight hours.


Volume 1 covers selecting, purchasing, insuring, and maintaining an aircraft. Busch emphasizes that it is the aircraft owner—not his mechanics—who bears the regulatory responsibility for airworthiness. He discusses how to choose the right mechanic or shop and how to manage the maintenance they perform. Busch dissects the much-dreaded annual inspection, and how owners can keep it from spiraling out of control. He offers guidance about the all-important post-maintenance test flight, and how to deal with an owner’s worst nightmare: a mechanical breakdown far from home.

Additional Volume coming later this year.



J-1B Don Quixote – Aircraft of the Month

The J-1B was one of those home built planes growing up that seemed to be very realistic to build. I’ve always been a fan of this plane, I think more RC models exist of this plane then the real thing.

The design was from the early 70’s & Poland

The simple but classic lines of this airplane still look good to me today.

The Wiki:

& an interesting web pages full of pictures

In the mid 90’s I got a Plan for a RC 52″ span electric version from RCM, they went belly up years ago, Fortunately the Outerzone project in England has gathered RC plans that are no longer available where you can get a free pdf & building info.

1995 plan:

1985 plan:

Juvale extendable Poster Tube with Strap – Product of the Month

I recently bought a few of these to store some important plans. Perfect for your homebuilt aircraft project plans or to store RC airplane plans as well.

They are offered in several colors and can expand to longer lengths.

The colors can help these storage tubes from “just blending in” making them easy to find.





  • This Durable Tube Holder Protect Your Posters, Artwork, and Documents From Creasing While in Transit
  • Tube is Water and Light Resistant – It Protects Materials Against Fading
  • This Versatile Tube Has Unlimited Uses for Storage: Posters, Blue Prints, Artwork, Maps, Drafts
  • Perfect for Artists, Illustrators, Architects or Hobbyists!
  • Dimensions: 24.75 x 3.5 x 3.3 inches Fully extended 40.25″

VR3 Engineering – Company Spotlight

Getting the correct fit up in tubing clusters can be quite the time consuming challenge.

If you are looking to outsource your 4130 tube notching look no further than VR3 Engineering in Ontario Canada. They offer ready to weld tubing kits for existing  Aircraft kits & plans along with custom orders.

They also supply the raw material so everything is a one way order to your location.

Aviation – Frames and Components

They also offer their own welding services for welded assemblies.

All photos from VR3 Engineering / direct linked to their site.


Hope this can aid in your new or existing project.


GYC Gloves – Product of the month

A few months ago we got a shipment of GYC gloves at work, I was very impressed with the quality and another benefit is the grip texture actually works with tough screens (DMG Siemens 840 D) and smart phones.

They have a good longevity best I can tell so far compared to the rubber gripped HFT gloves.

I ended up getting a set from Amazon

They have multiple size and color options

Beyond the machine shop work, at work I’ve also used them for Gardening work & moving.

  • [MULTI INDUSTRY & FOOD CONTACT] – Suitable for DIY, Machine operation, Oily material handling, Light engineering work, Assembly line, Warehouse work
  • [Food Processing] Food Contact Approved by FDA Test – Chemical Odor from Coated Part is NOT harmful
  • [SUPERB BREATHABILITY] Premium Water-based PU Micro Finish – It Offers Extra Comfort
  • THE HIGHERST ABRASION RESISTANT LEVEL (EN388:2003) – Excellent Durability
  • [REUSABLE] – Please Use Mild Detergent in Cold Water and Air-dry

Horten HX-2 Aircraft – Aircraft of the month

Developed over 3 years the state of the art, economical 2 seater flying wing (Nurflügelflugzeuge).

The company is looking into many kinds of propulsion & markets with this versatile design.

The original work of the Horton Brothers & Jack Northrop Had a huge influence on the Radio control aircraft I designed, built and flue in High School & College. Here are some of these aircraft: