Using drones to plant 20,000,000 trees – video share of the month


This months video share is brought to you by Mark Rober’s YouTube channel.

It’s an excellent example of how drones can be used for good and how to help with Reforestation efforts.

This video is a partnership with #Teamtrees (a not for profit fund raiser) with the goal of planting 20 Million trees by 1/1/2020 only 2 months away. Beyond drones Team Trees is using multiple methods to achieve the goal.

Learn more on their site:

This is not just YouTubers on this technology Bloomberg has covered it as well.

Drone seed is the major contributor to this technology, learn more at:





Aerolite 103 – Aircraft of the month

After going to major airshows like Oshkosh & Sun N Fun since the early 90’s the one ultralight that really stood out to me as a “solid aircraft” is the Aerolite 103. The design is extremely clean with only the bare basics needed for flight.

Brand new fully complete fly away cost are $20 – 25K (circa 2019)

Kits minus engine start at under $14K (circa 2019)

The web site for the 103 is:

The main distributor is located in DeLand Florida @ KDED

Engine options range from 30 HP Kawasaki’s to 50 HP Hirth’s

at one point Hobby King produced an electric powered RC model of the aerolite 103 cleverly called the aerosport 103.

Model aviation magazine did a write up in 2015:

You may be able to find one on eBay. With the open frame structure this would be tricky to scratch build as an RC aircraft


Refining Heat-Shrink Covering Techniques – Model Aviation Article.

Found a great Model Aircraft covering article in AMA’s model aviation magazine that may give the old school balsa builder some pointers.

This should get you directly to the article. Content & photo from the AMA.


Looking for a new covering iron? Check out this model from Hangar 9 #ad

Film Covering is still my favorite way to finish an RC plane. learning the craft is the quickest, lightest and most durable method I have seen. Some of my handy work from back in the day:


Don’t forget a covering iron is only half of the effort, the other end is the heat gun work, check out this model also from Hangar 9 #ad






Miami FPV Freestyle – Video share of the month

This video share comes to you by the Johnny FPV YouTube Channel.

Quite the cinematic FPV experience for the south beach & down town Miami area.


To capture you own epic FPV adventures check out the GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition with 2 extra batteries & 64GB + 16GB Micro SD’s

More from the product description:

  • GoPro has finally unleashed its most advanced HERO model to date: the HERO7.
  • Brand new suite of features, and the same cutting-edge waterproof build, this latest addition to the brand’s popular line of action cameras is designed to bring your photography and videography to the next level.
  • New to the HERO7 is the portrait shooting orientation.
  • Film Ultra HD 4K videos at up to 60fps with the built-in HyperSmooth Video Stabilization for smoother, professional-quality footage without the need for a gimbal stabilizer.
  • Record in 2.7K at up to 120 frames per second and in Full HD 1080p at up to 240 frames per second for truly breathtaking, super slow-motion videos.
  • Camera also captures vivid and detailed 12MP still images, with a burst photo mode at up to 30 frames per second.

Sea / Rescue Streamer – Product of the Month

Quite the clever and practical solution for emergency situations in an Aircraft.

I saw this streamer on Shark Tank the other day and combined with the benefits I can see how this could be a great safety device for your aircraft. Beyond its name targeting marine operations / flying over water its also ideal for the desert and remote areas.

Doing most of my flight training in remote Arizona this a product I wish I had in my flight bag.

Tested and proven by the US Military this rescue streamer offers some advantages over other rescue signaling devices.

  • Continuous signaling both with the orange streamer and with chem-lights for night time signaling.
  • No batteries or electronics to fail in your time of need.
  • Compact and light weight for storage.

The Large Streamer weighs in at 13 oz & is 40′ long.


The personal streamer a light 8 oz & is 25′ long

Dyke Delta – Aircraft of the month

The Dyke Delta was designed and built by John Dyke and first flew in 1966.

They do show up often at Airventure and SNF to help breakup the conformity of RV’s.

An excellent write up on the history of the aircraft can be found on the EAA web site, written by Alan White


The structure is mostly 4130  welded steel tube

EAA Chapter 27 in Meriden Connecticut has a good collection of construction photos (including the photo above)

For the RC community, legendary RC aircraft deisgner Laddie Mikulasko created a set of plans that can be found on Outerzone.

Airliner methods can help save lives in GA – Video share of the month

A very informative video from Steve Thorne @ Flight Chops YouTube channel on key differences between Airliner (commercial) flight practices vs. General Aviation.

A key take away is Airline pilots focus on the MINIMUM maneuvering speed that also gives them coverage for 30º banked turns. According to the instructor / FAA this is typically 40% above the stall speed.

General Aviation Pilots usually associated maneuvering speed as a MAXIMUM to avoid structural issues in gusty conditions.

Lots of other good in sights in the video as well.

Check out the Flight Chops YouTube channel for more great Aviation content:

& on his web site @