Wittman Tailwind – Aircraft of the month

The Tailwind is one of the more older Home built designs that is still being flown in numbers today. It proves you can get a lot of performance out of simple shapes and simple construction. Visually the fuselage has very similar lines to the Hyperbipe

I can’t think of a Oshkosh or Sun-N-Fun I’ve been to with out seeing at least one of these aircraft at the show.

You can still build a tailwind today with plans & components from Aircraft Spruce


Steve Whittman was one of the pioneers in the Home built aircraft movement, read more at: 


and a nice documentary

The landing gear on the SP-500 was highly influenced by the tailwind for its simple construction, read more at: https://gouldaero.com/eaa-e-ab/sp-500-e-ab/sp500-construction-photos-toc/sp500-landing-gear/

RC option:




ANYCUBIC Chiron 3D Printer – Product of the Month


I found quite the interesting large capacity 3D printer for home and small business use.

In the late 90’s / early 2000’s I got some exposure to stereolithography 3d printing at ERAU. while a novel concept making small desk display models the technology has advanced greatly since then.

What really got my attention recently on this is a video from flitetest on using 3D printers to make full RC aircraft built in sections and bonded with CA glue. This can open up all kinds of possibilities for RC aircraft, Drones & even parts on Home Built aircraft. Contour, trapped features, complex geometries are a non issue with this technology. There are also some online sources where you can buy or freeware the .stl files to make these aircraft. more details below.

More info on the Chiron printer:

  • Extra Large Build Volume, ANYCUBIC Chiron 3D Printer comes with one of the largest build volume of 15.75 x 15.75 x 17.72 inches, you can print models that 90% of other printers could not, The unique high precision nozzle of 0.4mm hot end with straight through design reduces the weight on the X axis which delivers better performance even on very tall prints, Your creativity will be maximized
  • Semi Auto Leveling and Resume Print, Equipped with an auto leveling module which automatically detects 25 points, supports real time adjustment compensation of nozzle height, Chiron 3D Printer can resume printing after power outage or any other unexpected stoppage, One click to resume from the last recorded position when suffering power outages, And the sensor pauses prints and sets off an alarm when you run out of filament which greatly saves time and material
  • Easy to Assemble and Use, Full metal body, stable and durable, modular design and only take 5-10 minutes to assemble, TFT Touch Screen with brand new friendly UI to preview model and printing process on screen, offline printing, We use high grade Titan Extruder, smooth feeding and not easy to plug, which can provide you a better printing experience of flexibility
  • Printing Precise and Safe, Equipped with Y Axis Dual Sideway and Z axis dual screw rod design, the height on both sides of the Z axis will be recalibrated before each printing which can reduce the probability of releveling before each printing and our Chiron 3D Printer’s print precision is greatly improved, 24V DC high power heated bed, heating up to 100, Independent high-power mosfet drive, taking into account safety and heating effect
  • More Function, Ultrabase Pro, Coated with a special composite coating make the printed large model not easy to warp and easy to demold, All ANYCUBIC 3D printers backed with lifetime technical support and 24 hours professional customer service

PLA seems to be the main filament or “stock material” for the printers, here is a good starter option:

  • Premium 3D Printer PLA FilamentClog-Free, Bubble-Free, Tangle-Free, Low warping, perfect 3D Printer PLA Filament 1.75mm for smooth and stable 3D printing experience, making printed parts an outstanding surface finish.
  • 4 Colors 3D Printer PLA filamentComes with 1KG/2.2 lb 1.75mm 3D Printer red, white, blue and black PLA filament bundles, 0.25KG/Spool 4 Colors. Note: The roll hole in the middle of the filament is 1.26 inch/ 32 mm, please check whether it fit on the holder of your printers before you order it, the spools may not fit on the holder of some printers.
  • Dimensional Accuracy & ConsistencyLABISTS 3D Printer PLA Filament, 1.75 mm in diameter, Minimum demission tolerance +/- 0.02mm to ensure consistent feeding and smooth printing.
  • 3D Printer PLA Filament Using Tips Recommend Printing Temperature: 190-220. Recommended Print Speed: 50-100mm/s.
  • Note: The roll hole in the middle of the filament is 1.26 inch/ 32 mm, please check whether it fit on the holder of your printers before you order it, the spools may not fit on the holder of some printers.

Some more info on the flitetest P38 build


Beyond Flitetest, Troy McMillan’s YouTube channel has a ton of 3D printed aircraft content, as you can see from this Tucano video the level of detail is only limited by your imagination

Some sources for ready to go stl files:





Rotor Riot’s Le Drib has a video on a drone frame he 3D printed

He got the file for this frame from: https://www.thingiverse.com/

This is a freeware site with many kinds of 3D print files


Last mention is GrabCAD, they also have many kinds of CAD files that can be converted into stl and other printable file formats




Aviators Gift Guide

#1 Bose A20 Aviation Headset

“You wanted the best your going to get the best”

  • 30% greater active noise reduction than conventional aviation headsets. Connectivity Technology: Wired/Wireless
  • 30% less clamping force than conventional aviation headsets. The ergonomic control module includes an auxiliary audio input with intercom/AUX priority switching, ideal for dedicated GPS and traffic warning systems
  • Clear audio with active equalization. Simple, intuitive headset operation—plug it in, turn it on, go flying
  • Now with Bluetooth audio and communications interface for connectivity with your communications and navigation devices
  • Customizable audio prioritization control lets you mute an audio signal when receiving a communication, or mix the two together


#2 Corkology Aviation Set Flight instruments Coasters

A must have for any bar in a pilot man cave

  • Made in the USA
  • Flight instruments cluster Illustrations
  • Interesting story of each illustration on back.
  • Made of natural cork
  • Hand printed on letterpress
  • Each coaster measures approx. 3.75″ dia.

#3 Mike Busch on Airplane Ownership

Some light reading if you want to take the plunge into aircraft ownership

Mike Busch on Airplane Ownership is the much-awaited sequel to his previous books Manifesto and Engines. In this two-volume set, Busch distills his wisdom from his more than 50 years as an aircraft owner. He brings his refreshingly commonsense and often outside-the-box approach to every aspect of owning and operating a general aviation aircraft.

Volume 1 covers selecting, purchasing, insuring, and maintaining an aircraft. Busch emphasizes that it is the aircraft owner—not his mechanics—who bears the regulatory responsibility for airworthiness. He discusses how to choose the right mechanic or shop and how to manage the maintenance they perform. Busch dissects the much-dreaded annual inspection, and how owners can keep it from spiraling out of control. He offers guidance about the all-important post-maintenance test flight, and how to deal with an owner’s worst nightmare: a mechanical breakdown far from home.

#4 Hudson Baby Aviation Onesie

The perfect gift for future aviators

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Snap closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Set includes coordinating long-sleeve bodysuits
  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Soft, gentle and comfortable on baby’s skin

#5 2021 General Aviation Calendar

Kiss 2020 goodbye with this 2021 Calendar

A must for the General Aviation enthusiast! Month after month, you ll enjoy seeing the top dogs of general aviation, from single-engines to corporate jets. This calendar s sure to be a big hit! Size: 15.5 x 20 (open)

#6 Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Cam Bundle

Record & Share 2021’s crazy aviation adventures with this 4K Camera 

  • Ultra HD 4K/30fps footage with 1.75-inch touchscreen display that lets you see what is being recorded
  • 3-axis image stabilization captures smooth and steady video in unsteady flight conditions
  • Includes headset audio cable overlay of the cockpit conversation/ATC audio on the video and a prop filter to remove propeller from the video
  • Capture your position, attitude, speed and much more and overlay them onto your video; then easily create and share your video using a smart device and VIRB app
  • Wirelessly record HD audio in flight from Bluetooth-compatible headsets and audio panels

#7 I make airplanes fly Mug

Yet another perfect addition to the aviation man cave

  • IT’S THE PERFECT GIFT IDEA – We know that its really hard to find a cool and unique gift on a budget. That’s why your mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, or work colleague is going to LOVE this ceramic coffee mugs! Buy Now!
  • 100% Total & Complete Satisfaction, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee. Shop with Absolute & Complete Confidence that you’re making a very smart decision! Buy Now!
  • The Coffee and Motivation Mug can be used for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup or any liquid of your choice. It’s specially designed with a large handle to provide you with a comfortable grip while preventing you from burning your hand
  • HIGH QUALITY – The imprinted design is printed on both sides of the mug and guaranteed to last. Treat yourself or give as a gift to someone special.
  • This great mug is sure to be a hit among your friends, colleagues or family. Just a great way to start a conversation. The text on the mug reads: Pediatrician – Making a big difference to little people.

#8 Airplane Clock


  • Metal airplane desk clock featuring a large display designed as an altimeter.
  • Great gifts for pilots and the aviation industry.
  • Product Size: 2-3/8“ x 3” x 3-38”

#9 Josh Bach Men’s WWII Fighter Planes Silk Necktie


Show up in style in your next formal meeting

  • Silk
  • Made in USA
  • Mustangs, Warhawks, Wildcats, Thunderbolts, and Lightnings all on one great silk necktie. Perfect for the history buff, the WWII enthusiast or the aviator.
  • Length of 57.5″, Width of 3 1/8″
  • Understated, whimsical, design. Hand finished in New York City.
  • Comes in cool tin can, ready to gift.

#10 Yaesu FTA550L Handheld VHF Transceiver w/Li-Ion Battery

  • Aviation Airband Transceiver NAV/COM with ILS and VOR Navigation
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • AA Battery Tray
  • Comes with Antenna
  • Comes with Headset Adapter



LoPresti Spectra – Aircraft of the Month

I’ve known about the Spectra since I got started in RC aircraft in the early 90’s, I would all ways look through the RCM plans catalog, searching for the next scratch build and this aircraft was a real stand out.

LeRoy LoPresti a former Grumman engineer started the the Island Aircraft Corporation based in Florida. He developed and flew the aircraft in the late 60’s

This aircraft pioneered the engine mounted in a T tail nacelle concept a full 13 years before the Seawind

Photos & Videos of the actual aircraft are rare, Roy LoPresti posted this unique video on his YouTube Channel.

Of course the RCM Plan that I noticed all those years ago can now be downloaded for free on Outerzone

This one is from 1971, 2 years after the 1st flight of the Prototype, has 73″ wing span and was designed by Don Haines & Paul Rhe.


New Battery Tech – Video Share

A great video showing 5 new battery technologies for electric powered vehicles.

And what better way to put that electric technology to work than in a DMC-12. This video has all kinds of links to some of the components used in the conversion build.

One of the interesting new services I learned about is Big Battery https://bigbattery.com/ They can provide high power batteries to many kinds of custom built electric vehicles.

Another service of note in the last video is Send-Cut-Send https://sendcutsend.com/ This is a made in the USA (Reno NV) option Laser cut metal, it could be worth checking out for your next project.

Starr Bumble Bee II – Aircraft of the month


Here is a fun aircraft of the month, the Starr Bumble Bee was designed with the whole intent at beating the title of the worlds smallest maned aircraft. It was designed by Robert Starr from Arizona, and first flew in 1984, he followed this up with the Bumble Bee 2 that was even smaller and lighter that first flew in 1988. On May 8th of the same year the bumble bee 2 had a down wind engine failure resulting in a crash, Robert was injured but made a recovery.

If your in the Tucson area they have the surviving Bumble Bee 1 aircraft on display at the Pima Air & Space Museum

6000 E Valencia Rd, Tucson, AZ 85756


with its compact simple form its a popular RC model.

For those interested in RC scratch building Outerzone has one designed by Ken Willard who has several RC plans on the web site.



TICARVE Cleaning Gel – Product of the month

Needing to clean up all the hard to reach dust in your Car or Aircraft interior?

Look no further than Cleaning Gel from Ticarve.

Unlike dusting and wipes, Gel can grab much of the stubborn dust and grime from hard to reach places

  • 🚕【Perfect Car Detailing Putty】Cleaning gel for car is perfect for cleaning the nooks and crannies in your auto. Car gel cleaner is super great to get into the vents and little crevices on the car air vents, steering wheels, console panel, storage bins, cup holder, door handles, dashboards to pick up the dirt
  • 🚗【Easy to Use】Just press the car vent cleaner slightly on the dust surface and pull out the car cleaning gel slowly the dirt would gone. Push car detailing tools into any little cracks and the crud sticks and pulls back out! You can also press the laptop cleaner on the keyboard surface and then pull out the car gel cleaner slowly, the dust would be carried away with the dust cleaner
  • 🚘【Reusable】Gel for cleaning car could be used for several times till the color of the air vent cleaning kit turn to dark. When cleaning finished, just put the keyboard cleaning gel back in box and keep in cool place
  • 🌿【High-tech Cleaning Material】Auto cleaning gel is made of high-tech cleaning material, smells sweet with lavender fragrance. Cleaning glue for car sticky dust but not sticky to hands. Auto interior cleaner pick up all dust and debris and leaves no residue
  • 🚖【Multiple Uses】Automotive putty is also useful for home and office, PC computer keyboard cleaner and other rugged surface cleaning such as printer, cell phone, calculator, TV remote and furniture. The suitable surface must be no water and the dust cleaner for car would stick to it