What happened to the X-33 Venture Star? (video share of the month)

Yet another excellent video from Paul Shillito on the Curious Droid YouTube Channel.

I remember the X33 was all the rage when I was in High School & College. I forgot about it for quite some time.  I never knew what happened to it until I saw this video. It’s surprising that the linear aero-spike technology has not been used in all the new space craft that have been in development over the last few years.

TIG Tungsten electrodes available in half length and high count

Attention TIG welders working in tight spots:

JSP ARC is proud to announce their line of half length 2% Lanthanated (WL20) Tungsten electrodes.

Perfect for roll cages, motor cycle frames, & aircraft fuselages or anything else that uses a short torch setup. And with the 2% Lanthanated “blue band” it works great on inverter TIG machines, equally at home with AC & DC setups to give you coverage for Aluminum, Steel & Stainless.

They are available in 3 sizes & can be purchased & fulfilled by Amazon:

3/32” dia (12 count)



1/16” dia (14 count)


.040” dia (18 count)


No more cutting stock electrodes in half then looking for a place to store them. With JSP ARC’s half length electrodes your good to go passing the efficiency savings on to you.





Maker Knife, a new kick starter product that is perfect for DIY

Everyone’s favorite swede David Windestal (from https://rcexplorer.se) partnered with Jimmy Diresta to take a new spin on the utility knife. This knife is small, compact, uses standard blades and has flat parallel sides to keep cuts spot on.

For more info on the kick starter campaign see https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1496249101/maker-knife-the-edc-pocket-tool-you-want-to-carry


SPA Panther now comes in a nose wheel gear version (video share of the month)


I’ve known Dan since 2005 and his ingenuity, focus on detail and airworthness is truly impressive. For the people who have ask if I’m going to offer a SP-500 kit the answer is go build a panther.

The versatile Panther now has a nose wheel option, this opens up this aircraft to people who want to transition quickly from aircraft like PA-28’s and Grumman Yankees etc. Check out the video for more details, along with their web site: https://flywithspa.com/panther-2/


Monument Valley by Trikes (Video share of the month)


A awe inspiring video by Henry TrikeLife

It goes to show there are so many places in the US to visit. Monument Valley has been the back drop to many movies and TV shows including the 80′ action tv show AirWolf.

Located approximately 60 miles west from the four corners monument (CO, AZ, NM & UT), The park has a general aviation airport (UT25). I hope to do a cross country flight some day with this as one of the stops.