Rocketeer 27 x 40 Movie poster (Art Deco Version) (Product of the month)

One of my favorite Aviation movies was the Rocketeer, it’s a well done & original comic book movie, 2 decades before Marvel & DC flooded the market with big budget movies.

This is a picture of my poster going out to the shop, I find it inspirational & the date reminds me of simpler times.

I got the frame from Michaels Crafts but it can also be purchased from Amazon

The original movie poster was an Art Deco styled version and has become quite collectable. To help the movie get better traction they came up with a 2nd version that featured the main actors including the main box office draw Timothy Dalton, who was the current 007 before he was replaced in 1995’s Golden Eye.


Weller 40 Watt Soldering Station (Product of the month)


My go to Soldering Iron station, with its 110V plug on the side you can plug in other brand / specialty soldering irons and still control power, give it a place to rest & clean off the tip.


The Weller WLC100 Soldering Station includes everything you need to start using solder to join metals and create efficient, electrical connections. Designed with the hobbyist and the do-it-yourself enthusiast in mind, this kit features a high-quality, lightweight pencil iron with variable power control, a cushioned foam grip with a replaceable heating element, and a safety guard iron holder. And it’s from Weller, the world leader in soldering since 1945.

Durable, Easy-to-Control Pencil Iron
At the heart of the WLC100 Soldering Station is a high-quality lightweight pencil iron with an ST3 iron-plated copper tip. To ensure that you can work comfortably for long stretches of time, the iron has a cushioned foam grip that sits comfortably in your hand as you work. It has a replaceable heating element, so you can continue using the same iron for a long time to come.

Easy-to-Adjust Variable Power Controls
Unlike many basic soldering kits, which can be difficult to adjust, the WLC100 features a variable power control that lets you adjust the power level from five to 40 watts with a simple turn of the knob on the base unit. This lets you choose the precise setting for each unique job that you tackle. The base also includes a “power-on” indicator light and on/off switch to help keep you from leaving a hot iron on accidentally.

The workstation also provides a built-in iron stand to keep your workspace organized and a natural sponge tip cleaning pad to keep your tip ready to go at all times.

High-Quality Accessories for Dependable Performance
The WLC100 includes an ST3 iron-plated 1/8-inch screwdriver tip. Weller also offers a wide array of compatible ST series tips to perform a variety of applications (additional tips are sold separately).

All Weller tips are constructed of solid copper and plated with iron, as well as nickel and chromium to protect against corrosion and solder creep, helping to ensure that your tools perform reliably over time. Additionally, Weller tips are pre-tinned with tin/lead solder.

This WLC100 Soldering Station is UL-listed, which means it has been tested and meets independent safety standards. It is backed by a one year warranty against manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship.



Evolution RAGE-B 7-1/4″ metal cutting saw (Product of the month)

Cut Steel & Aluminum like you would wood.

Ive been a big fan of evolution power tools for a while now and like their innovative approach to cutting metal with the familiarity and cost of wood cutting saws.

I bought this unit a few weeks ago and have been truly impressed with its performance

This is a UK brand saw and is offered in multiple voltage and frequency options  to suit what ever country you are in.

Evolution RAGEB 7-1/4 in. Multi-purpose Circular Saw is capable of cutting steel, aluminum, wood with nails in and plastics with just one blade. When cutting steel, the RAGEB cuts cold, no coolant is required. Because the material is cold it can be handled and worked on immediately. A combination of a hi-torque motor and gearbox, heavy duty construction and ultra high grade TCT blade enables the RAGEB to cut materials which simply weren’t possible before. A blade can cut up to 165 ft. of 1/4 in. mild steel before a replacement is required. Includes Evolution’s 3 year warranty.

  • Multi-purpose; cuts steel, aluminum, wood and plastics
  • 1200-Watt/10 Amp motor
  • 3900 RPM no load
  • Compact and portable
  • Bevel tilt from 0 degrees-45 degrees
  • Includes 7-1/4 in. RAGE multi-purpose cutting blade, 24 teeth
  • 20 mm blade arbor
  • Optional specialty blade available for masonry cutting
  • A mobile solution to cut metal in the field
  • Includes Evolution’s 3 year limited warranty

Here are some pictures of me easily cutting thru .060″ steel

use a 4-5/16″ off set for the left side of the saw to setup your fence.

This saw does the job of a full metal shear all at 1/15th the cost and 1/15 the size

compare to this G5772 from Grizzly


Lincoln Electric Welding Sleeves (Product of the month)


Good alternative to a welding jacket for hot / humid environments

Beats getting nasty arc burns & looking like you went to the beach with out sun screen.

This pair of Lincoln Electric black slip-on welding sleeves protect the arms from welding spatter and heat. They are made from 100% flame resistant material for protection and lightweight at 9 ounces per square yard. Elastic cuffs at each end offer protection from spatter and hold the sleeves in place. Sleeve length is 21 inches.