Lakeland Sport Air Workshop Feb 3-4

As an EAA Technical Counselor I can vouch for the value of these work shops for people first starting out. I got my start at the how to build centers at Oshkosh in the early 90’s. These work shops are more intense and longer duration then the ones at SNF & Oshkosh.

If your in the south east and are new to aircraft construction, interested in building a plane and want to do stuff correctly, efficiently the first time on your build than this is your ticket.

Recommended Flight sim, yoke, joy stick, throttle & add on’s

I was recently ask on Flight Simulator options by a fellow Pilot so I compiled a list of some of the best stuff you can get for a home flight sim setup, Does not take too many hours of dual flight instruction to pay for it all, giving a bunch of time & availability to get some sim time in while in flight training (private, IFR, Commercial etc) or just brush up on skills

Original page:

Click on any of the pictures below for more details on the Amazon page.

LSA Expo 2018 January 24 – 27th

The LSA expo is coming up quick for those who are into Light Sport, Bush Planes & / or live in Florida.

They have recently added #Drones to the line-up and its fun to see a live race. RC / Drone vendors like & are on site with #Merch ;^)

More LSA Expo 18′ info @

Make sure to show your EAA card for a $5 discount.

For some highlights from last year:

And some pics from previous events: